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  1. Snom-san

    Snom's Art Corner 2: The Fakemon Drawing Sequel (ft. Fakemon Region!)

    Dun-da-da-dunnnnnn! This is the sequel to Snom's art corner, now with cool Fakemon designs! I make dex entries, abilities, and sometimes signature moves. :> Enjoy! EDIT: There's now a Fakemon region being made! Scroll halfway down where the Pokemon Chaos/Order sign is to see trainers/Elite 4...
  2. Snom-san

    Snom's Art Corner

    this is some of the art I've drawn ~Pokemon as Humans Section~ irl artwork that's it for my art, have a nice day! :D ty to RavioliQueen for how to make this entire thing lmao ty to thp and Arts & Culture for liking my art, as well as the smogon discord and ty to everyone...