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  1. Durant

    XY RU Go ant or go home

    Introduction Hey people this is me Durant with my third rate my team. This is an RU team with the main focus being Durant because I kind of really like Durant you know. This teams playstyle is a balanced team with some wallbreakers and defensive Pokemon to back them up. I really enjoyed using...
  2. Durant

    Klinklang [QC 2/3] [written]

    Overview ######## Klinklang has one trick up it's sleeve that make it viable in RU: Shift Gear. Shift Gear raises both speed and attack making Klinklang a potent late game cleaner in just one turn. With Klinklang's relatively good bulk and coveted Steel typing it is able to set up a Shift Gear...
  3. Durant

    Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    Since there haven't been a lot of new topic's on Orange Islands aside from the big Hoenn confirmed I though it was time to make a new thread, shiny Pokemon experiences. Ever since generation 2 shiny Pokemon have been in the game and they have been some of the most sought after Pokemon there are...
  4. Durant

    [RU] Gen 6 RU team

    Hi guys this is my second RMT and today i am going to waste your brain cells with this team. This is a balanced team with 3 walls, 1 setup sweeper, a scarfer and an offensive spinner. Teambuilding process ( I have no idea how to be good at teambuilding so this part is pretty lol ): Every RU...
  5. Durant

    Gen 5 OU Team

    Hi guys, here is my first ( succesfull attempt ) at a competetive team. My team: Rotom-Wash @ Choice Scarf ( couldn't find a Rotom Wash sprite ) Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 SDef Calm Nature - Hydro Pump - Volt Switch - Hidden Power [Fire] - Trick Rotom-Wash mostly...