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  1. Tortferngatr

    Night Flash: Gale Wing Srock vs Ragnarokalex in a 1v1 singles

    Team Gale: Clefairy (Meenu) Female Type: Fairy Nature: Quite (+1 SpA, -Spe, -10% Evasion) Abilities: Cute Charm / Magic Guard / Friend Guard (LOCKED) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: 2 Def: 2 SpA: 3 (+) SpD: 3 Spe: 30 (-) (-10% Evasion) Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1 Base Rank Total: 14 EC: 5/9 MC: 0 AC...
  2. Tortferngatr

    The Legend Run (Gale Wing Srock): Mysterious Cove

    Smokin' Hot | Pyroak (F) ________________________ Smokin' Hot is Brave and Rock Headed, she defends her friends from enemies with all her might everytime she gets the opportunity and also defends her trainer's pride no matter what. [Nature] Brave (+1 Atk, Speed ÷ 1.15, -10% Evasion) [Type]...
  3. Tortferngatr

    The Legend Run (Geodude6): Black Sulfur Caldera

    If I have to deal with Nanab Berry Magmortar, RNGsus traps, and 2 effectively pointless traps for anyone packing a proper Psychic-type control/damage mon or Poison-type control/damage mon, I'll at least use the traditional 'Murican spelling of sulfur while doing so. >_> Saxton [Colossoil] (M)...
  4. Tortferngatr

    2v2 FE doubles flash between AOPSUser and waterwarrior

    Aggron "Talos" (M) Nature: Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack) Type: Rock/Steel Abilities: Sturdy/Rock Head/Heavy Metal [Unlocked] Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 5 (+) Def: Rank 8 SpA: Rank 1 (-) SpD: Rank 2 Spe: 50 Size Class: 4 Weight Class: 8 [10 Heavy Metal] Base Rank Total: 21 Mega ability...
  5. Tortferngatr

    Gold and SubwayJ flashmatch 1v1

    Thanks for reffing <3 Apollo the Heliolisk (♂) Type: Apollo was originally found under the foot of a Rhyhorn on route 9! After capture, Apollo did forgive Subway for stepping on him, but did not appreciate the gesture nonetheless. Apollo is the most shy on the team, but also one of the...
  6. Tortferngatr

    Geodude6 versus S0L1D G0LD the flash

    S0L1D G0LD's team Pupitar (RAAM) (Male) Nature: Quiet Type: Rock: Rock STAB; Adds an additional level of Priority (+0 to +1, +3 to +4 etc.) on naturally occurring level-up, egg, tutor, or TM attacks that increase only defense, special defense, or prevent damage (Full list: Acid Armor, Amnesia...
  7. Tortferngatr

    1v1 flash with a twist: Geodude6 vs. S0L1D G0LD

    Standard rules, with one new clause: Termination clause: If the match is not finished within 48 hours after this battle is posted, the match is completely nullified and nobody gets rewards--but the battle slot is immediately restored. This is to prevent situations where I don't particularly...
  8. Tortferngatr

    Flash (Zekrom2525 vs. S0L1D G0LD)

    Standard rules Post ASAP Zekrom2525 Wartortle Male Nature: Calm Type: Water Abilities: Torrent/ [Hidden Locked - Rain Dish) Stats: HP: 90 Atk: 2 - Def: 3 SpA: 3 SpD: 4 + Spe: 58 Size Class: 2 Weight Class: 2 Base Rank Total: 16 EC: 4/9 MC: 1 AC: 2/5 KOC: 0 Attacks: Level Up Tackle Tail...
  9. Tortferngatr

    TLR: Black Sulfur Caldera (Engineer Pikachu) (Take 2)

    Fidgit (Shokoli) (F) NATR: Quiet (+1 SpA, -15% Speed, -10% Eva) TYPE: Ground / Poison ABILITIES: Persistent, Vital Spirit, Prankster (DW) STATS: 95 / 76 / 109 / 90 / 80 / 105 HP: 100 Atk: *** (3) Def: **** (4) SpA+: **** (4) SpD: *** (3) Spe-: 91 (105 / 1.15) SC: 2 WC: 4 BRT: 20 EC: 6 / 6...
  10. Tortferngatr

    TLR: Timeless Tower (Texas Cloverleaf)

    Lucario, Rob Van Dam (Male) Nature: Naive (+15% Speed, -1 Special Defense, +12% Accuracy) Type: Fighting / Steel Abilities: Steadfast / Inner Focus / Justified (H) HP: 100 Atk: Rank 4 Def: Rank 3 SpA: Rank 4 SpD: Rank 2 (-) Spe: 104 (+) Size Class: 3 Weight Class: 4 Nature: Naive (+15% Speed...
  11. Tortferngatr

    For science: How much damage can you do in one action? (Featuring Texas Cloverleaf and Rediamond)

    1 v 1 Paras v Charizard-Y match Megas Allowed (obviously) ASB Arena No Subs Texas orders second first round Switch=KO Megas can dual wield Abilities=All No chills/recovers Team Texas Cloverleaf Zoan the Charizard (M) Nature: Lonely (+1 Atk, -1 Def) Type: Fire / Flying Abilities: Blaze / Solar...
  12. Tortferngatr

    Canis Majoris vs. akela, 2v2 doubles

    2v2 FE Doubles 1 day DQ 2 Recoveries/5 Chills 2 Subs All Abilities Training Items ASB Arena thanks for reffing Flareon [Jet] (Male) * "I'll protect you. No matter the cost." Desperation Theme: Asaki - Teardrops (Long Ver.) Jet was part of a group of Pokémon that eventually died to a gang of...
  13. Tortferngatr

    The Legend Run (Its_A_Random): Black Sulphur Caldera [Aaaaaand CAPASB has its first Heatran!]

    Pokemon: Fidgit [Utilitand] (M) NATURE: Hardy TYPE: Poison / Ground ABILITIES: Persistent / Vital Spirit / Prankster (H) STATS HP: 100 Atk: Rank 3 Def: Rank 4 SpA: Rank 3 SpD: Rank 3 Spe: 105 Size Class: 2 Weight Class: 4 Base Rank Total: 20 EC: 6/6 MC: 0 AC: 5/5 ATTACKS (110/110) PHYSICAL...
  14. Tortferngatr

    Arcanite vs. S0L1D G0LD (1v1 singles)

    1v1 FE Singles 36hr DQ Training Items All Abilities 2 Recoveries / 5 Chills 2 Substitutions Mega Evolutions = 0 ASB Arena ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Arcanite Arcanine (M) Firion (*) Musical Theme: Battle Scene II Nature: Serious: No...
  15. Tortferngatr

    Profiles Profile: Tortferngatr

    Trainer Name: Kaira Pokemon completely updated to Gen VII (10): Abomasnow*, Syclant*, Krilowatt*, Camerupt, Sigilyph, Chandelure, Anorith, Ferroseed, Buneary, Vulpix-Alola Pokemon partially updated to Gen VII (0): Pokemon updated to Gen VI (22): Rampardos, Tomohawk, Cyclohm, Zebstrika, Weedle...
  16. Tortferngatr


    ...Anyone else play it? It's a MOBA kind of like League and to a lesser extent Dota 2, but it seems to be trying to do away with the problems of both games while combining their strengths. It's in "closed" beta (hooray for Waystone's Twitch channel giving out tons of multi-use beta keys), but...
  17. Tortferngatr

    Quagsires versus Glacier 1v1 GOGOGO HAM IT UP FOR ALL IT'S WORTH

    HUSTLEHUSTLEHUSTLE GOGOGO THE RULES 2vs2 doubles "LC" 1 day dq ref: Leethoof Items off All abilities Switch=FUS RO DAH Arena: The Ref's Mind ARENA 1: FUS RO DAH, IT'S SKYRIM. NOISE-BASED ATTACKS HAVE 3 EXTRA BASE POWER. DRAGON-TYPE MOVES ARE 2 BP STRONGER. THE TEAMS: Syclar [Sub-Zero]...
  18. Tortferngatr

    Dogfish44 vs Smashlloyd20

    1v1 FE Singles ASB Arena 1 Day DQ 0 Recoveries 1 Chill 2 Substitute Orders Items=On Abilities=All Switch=i*i*i*i*i And now, with all the powers vested in me by my procrastination... LET US BEGIN.
  19. Tortferngatr

    Add tags to Circus Maximus

    Basically just add Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Other tags. This is more for organizational purposes than anything else. I know tags are very helpful in CAPASB, but then again, its structure is very different than that of Circus Maximus proper, so I can't be certain it would work as well in CM.
  20. Tortferngatr

    The Legend Run (Korski) Black Sulfur Caldera [END]

    Rhyperior* Crumbles (M) Type: Ground/Rock Ground: Ground STAB; Immune to all electrical attacks, can Dig through almost any substance, Evasive Digging reduced from 3 per action Energy Cost to 2 per action, superior senses in darkened cave surroundings. Rock: Rock STAB; Take 2 less damage...