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  1. Jkickit

    Spare Perfects/Breeding Leftovers.

    Closing because I don't have much time to be doing this (usually only ever available for ~3hrs or so) and it's hard to keep track of everyone's wants and times. I'd rather use the time to breed for trades/myself, ev train, battle, play other things, etc, and not use up so much box space. I'll...
  2. Jkickit

    Spare Pentas/Leftovers

    ///PENTAPERFECTS ----------------------------------- ~10 Volbeat (M) Bold- Prankster [Encore/Baton Pass] Dream Ball --- ~40 Flabebe-Orange (F) Calm- Flower Veil Heal Ball [Still don't have a shiny, screw these things] --- 1 bellsprout (f) modest- chlorophyll...
  3. Jkickit

    Lots o Lefties

    Just put a bunnelby on gts asking for these and post in the thread. 4-5 31 IVs. Some 3. Feel free to take multiple. ------------------------------------------- 1 Ralts (F) Modest- Trace [Shadowsneak/Confuseray/Disable/Destinybond] Love Ball --- 1 Hippopotas (F) Adamant- SandStream...
  4. Jkickit

    Js Ball Trade

    A few things: - All of [my] Pokemon are Kalos bred. - If you'd like a different nature (i.e. Trick Room nature/spread) on a Pokemon, just ask. - If you want ball Pokemon in a regular pokeball, just ask. -I'm unable to clone, so you'll have to be patient. What I'm looking for: - Pokemon in...