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  1. Alternatives to Godkills

    It's up to the dungeon master to decide how they want to implement these rules, in my past games I created a carefully balanced method to allow persuaders and silencers to act in tandem with one another, and it did work fine. You just have to put some thought into the roles your create, how they...
  2. I've spent more than half my life on Smogon

    we are proud of the raikage
  3. [BIG] BIGSANDS - Night Six

    >loyal team memeber "lol"
  4. [BIGS] SIGN UP NOW to play in BIGSANDS

    i decided to make this mafia happen, sign up now.
  5. wow it's been half a decade

    what the hell man, i swear to god at first i typed "everyone is still around" then i remembered doomsday and added an "almost" just because of you, haha drop by in space one of these days!
  6. wow it's been half a decade

    it's funny, isn't it? been around for more or less the same time as you, also approaching the fifth year. didn't realize just how long it has been till i saw this thread either, haha. the times are changing and yet this here somehow always remains the same at the core, we always get drawn back...
  7. Smeargle's Studio Second Annual Secret Santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS FINAL DAY!!!!!!!~~~~~~

    haha, thanks princess!! great picture, i enjoy it a lot and appreciate the effort you put into this
  8. Steam Christmas sale

    Mount and Blade: Warband is a fantastic game with a lot of depth and content to it, I can really recommend it. Fire and Sword is a bad game and the original Mount and Blade is the same as Warband with less content. It's DEFINITELY worth this reduced price, you might wanto to try to demo or...
  9. Smeargle's Studio Second Annual Secret Santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS FINAL DAY!!!!!!!~~~~~~

    haha, thanks for the praise! i didn't really know what else how else i would show a kidnapping in just one frame, so i went with the first thing that came to my head glad to hear you liked it jumpluff!! lucky draw
  10. [Expert] This Is How We Mafia - Game Overrrrr - Postgame up!

    Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a public service announcement. It seems as though we have a traitor amongst our kind, a man well versed with the arts of cloak and dagger. This man, most widely known under the alias of Altair is guilty of collaboration with a group of terrorists...
  11. Smeargle's Studio Second Annual Secret Santa: MERRY CHRISTMAS FINAL DAY!!!!!!!~~~~~~

    i made the best request ever please make the best picture ever !!
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyri- FUS RO DAH

    there is a way, it is called not playing the pirated version mate game is amazing, been playing all weekend, level 25 nord two handed warrior, amazingly fun
  13. Kinneas drew cutemons

    woah sorry for being a month late but i totally forgot about my request here, jumpluff pointed out that you actually did it so i had a look and i love it a lot! thank you for doing it
  14. A Gross [5K] of Cards

    i am the best out of these 3 by a large margain keep doing your thing captain kirby
  15. Jungian Personality Test

    yep, we both got INFP, apparently the rarest of all 16 types have been taking this test roughly bi-monthly over the past 4 years and i have consistently been getting this result, which i think fairly accurately mirrors most of my personality of course not every aspect fits, but i'd say...
  16. best way to eat steak

    i read in the papers shade eats his steak well done edit: i myself as a steak connoisseur obviously consume it in its finest form: medium rare
  17. the passions

    this is a great thread let's not have it die yet
  18. the passions

    i'm not usually the kind of person that would post in this kind of thread but i support the idea it stands for and as a couple of friends did the same thing thus far, i figured it would only be fair to give people similar insights about my persona, much of which isn't very apparent if you only...
  19. Kinneas drew cutemons

    do a phanpy please!!