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  1. Livio ElTito

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Qualifying Round 2

    Egalvanc en poco hijo adoptivo de la patria argentina :blobthumbsup:
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    Smogon's Flying Press Subscription Service: Subscribe Here!

    Hi, I would like to suscribe to: OU Doubles Past gens Tournaments Competitive Guides RMTs Spotlights
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    All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    How is decided in wich tier is each pokemon in past gens (if it is ou,uu,pu, etc)? Same as in current gen?
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    I just saw this xd...

    I just saw this xd:
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    Project OU Player Interview #6: suapah

    Do you think boots clause could be a good solution/change?
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    Al tipo ese da igual que le sancionen, juega una vez al año. Ni las federaciones deportivas...

    Al tipo ese da igual que le sancionen, juega una vez al año. Ni las federaciones deportivas sancionarían algo análogo, pero aquí hay mucho cursi.
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    Resource SwSh OU Bazaar

    But its true that ditto should have 252hp because is the only important stat 99,99999% of the time.
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    How doed future sight interact with psychic terrain?
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    Tournament Tundra Cup - Round 6

    Nice color combination in Hockey's first team. He might be an artist.
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    Smogon Tour 30 Playoffs - Finals [won by Empo]

    Kenix, pon las repeticiones que quiero verlas
  18. Livio ElTito

    Project OU Player Interview #4 - John W

    Hi, John (no problem if you don't want to answer any of these questions): 1. Do you like The singles format of the official videogames where you choose 3 mons of your team at The preview? Do you think this format would be equally competitive as ou or not too different if it had baned mons and...