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  1. shadowpea

    Ongoing Yoshi fights a lawnmower (madayoshi vs Mowtom)

    Rules: 3v3 3* Singles 72 hour DQ Items: Off Switch: OK Substitutions: 3 Recoveries: 2 per Pokemon Chills: 5 per Pokemon Team madayoshi Team Mowtom Mandibuzz [Midcap] Stage: ★★★☆☆ Type: Dark / Flying Abilities: Big Pecks / Overcoat / Weak Armor (Unlocked) Nature: Quirky Stats: HP...
  2. shadowpea

    Facility The Legendary Gauntlet (Suicune): Gemini Taurus vs HydrogenHydreigon

    Match A match is a composition of multiple games. A match is over when one trainer wins two games. Both players send in a team of 3 Pokemon. Game 1: - The ref flips a coin (or rolls a 1d2, you get the idea) to select who is "T1" and who is "T2" - T1 strikes one of the five arenas - T2 strikes...
  3. shadowpea

    Profile - shadowpea

    Trainer Name: shadowpea New to battling but not new to Pokemon, this trainer is still learning the ropes. He's really into Pokemon endorsed by that big boomer company called "Smogon" but is fond of others too. Also: Yeah, me too. Pokemon Team: :pajantom::pluffle::volkritter: Wins: 0 Losses: 0...
  4. shadowpea

    Pet Mod Brokenmons Unchained Mk II

    Original Thread by AdriansLucario Approved by Ludicrousity OP mostly copied from the original thread Banner stolen from the original thread Welcome to Brokemons Unchained Mk II! This pet mod revolves around making every Pokémon broken. This is a National Dex Uber format, which means that...
  5. shadowpea

    what is the noun for someone that goes to smogon?

    ok, i havent been on smogon for so long (a bit under 1 year smh) but i still dont know how to address someone that goes on smogon. ive heard smogoner, smogonite, smogon-goer, arrogant elitist, and the like. so what am i supposed to do when i ask someone if they go on smogon, or what do i answer...
  6. shadowpea

    happy april fools day guys

  7. shadowpea

    Best smogon articles

    Post the best smogon articles here i guess. Smog, player, competitor, flying press, whatever. As long as you think its a good read :blobthumbsup: Again, I'll start, so even if the moderators lock this you guys will still have a laugh: Top 10 Manliest Pokemon Pokemon Gamefreak Only Included to...
  8. shadowpea

    dumbest life failures (not serious)

    Exactly what the title says. Post your (not serious) life failures (that you are comfortable with sharing) here for people to have a good laugh (including yourself when you look back at it lol). I'll start: One time I came home from some running and was going to toss my socks into the washing...
  9. shadowpea

    US vs China thread

    Because the official 2020 election thread has gotten out of hand and I thought we should redirect the current discussion here.
  10. shadowpea

    SS OU Rise of the Sun (a Volcarona-Centric Bulky Offense Team)

    Volcarona, I feel, has always been underrated in higher levels of play in almost every tier it has been in (though I can’t really speak for BW OU). However, it’s an amazing mon to me in almost every way. With it’s awesome design and lore out of the way, Volcarona is quite a Pokemon in the...
  11. shadowpea

    SS Ubers Xerneas + Zacian-C Noob Offense

    Hello, it’s me again and I’m back to another RMT! This time though, I’m actually here so you guys can “rate my team” and improve it. I’m fairly new to the Uber scene (I came right before Dynamax got banned the second time), so I don’t know the metagame way too well. However this is why I’m here...
  12. shadowpea

    How did you guys get into competative Pokemon?

    I don't know if anyone asked this before, but I don't see it, so I'm going to ask. So, competative Pokemon is really interesting and I loved it. Was it because you played the mainstream games? Watched anime? Or just got interested by seeing some of the SS ads but don't want to buy the actual...
  13. shadowpea

    Gen 7 [SM Ubers] Dawn Wings Ultra

    Hello, it’s me and I’m back with another RMT! In case you didn’t read the title correctly (or thought you read it incorrectly), yes, this team uses Dawn Wings Necrozma. Allow me to explain to you how I got this fabulously stupid idea: So I’m playing with Calm Mind Ultra the other day (with...
  14. shadowpea

    Gen 7 My best attempt to make a team with Mega Latios (help)

    Hello its me again with another USM OU team! I have tried to build a lot of teams around Mega Latios, but this is the only semi-successful one lol. I'm kind of here for the teambuilding process and just to get more warmed up to some Pokemon in the tier. So without further ado lets start...
  15. shadowpea

    Gen 7 Tapu Tapu Volcarona Team

    Ok this is a team based on Volcarona's sweeping powers. Volca is also my favorite mon in OU and second in the entire game (besides Dewgong, because Dewgong is awesome, but its complete trash in OU so lets not dwell on that). I consider the team as a balanced/bulky offensive team. Tbh I think...