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  1. Death Blade99

    Death Valley Gen7 now with more mons in last comment

    Welcome to my thread Fc:0147-1722-9464 Ign:Jesse Gmt:-6 Wants Any new 5iv mons or shinies
  2. Death Blade99

    GTS Giveaway!! offline

    Welcome Read the rules! 1.No hacks 2.Deposit any pokemon timezone is gmt -6 so i'll try to be around 4.Use the message "swag" so i can find you 5.put Death blade in your post so i know you read the rules 6.You will be ignored if you don't follow the rules. 7.The pokemon details are on my...
  3. Death Blade99

    Death Valley About to be a thread with 50 + battle ready pkmn

    Hi guys welcome to my thread! 1.No hacks 2. I can refuse any trade 3.Be respectful 4.I will try to be on daily but if I'm not don't get mad 5.If any of my pokemon is hacked please tell me and i will remove it Ign:Jesse central standard time Fc:0147-1722-9464 Tsv:2582 Hidden...
  4. Death Blade99

    2^2 (2squared) updated 5/24

    Hi guys who knew a four person trade thread would be started over a cleffa? I mean really. Anyways here it goes. Btw i plan to update weekly. Rules.. No HACKS!!! Be respectful to everyone here. I reserve the right to back out of any trade if i feel so. Have fun!! Pokemon X Ign: Jesse...
  5. Death Blade99

    A long dusty road trade thread

    Hello and welcome to my trade thread! I've been playing pokemon since the release of pearl,platnium,and daimond.Now i'm here to place my mark on the kalos region.So welcome and have fun...
  6. Death Blade99

    Pokemon White and Black wifi team check

    Rate my team on a scale 1-10 feel free to post ideas to improve. 1.Lucario 2.Haxoraus 3.Milktank 4.Bastiodon 5.Alakzam 6.Gyrados