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  1. Faladran

    Sonic Rainboom

    Introduction I'm not a big fan of the BW OU metagame. Still, I always make sure to play the most competitively relevant tier. Although I usually play with Sand or Clear Skies, I decided to give Rain a try with this team. After choosing Rain as a team archetype, I included some bulky offensive...
  2. Faladran


    Introduction A.K.A. twash's team V2. This is a team I've been playing with in DPP OU lately. It doesn't utilize anything that can really be defined as anti-metagame, but it's very comfortable to play with and features a couple of somewhat uncommon additions. Although I mostly play BW now, I...
  3. Faladran

    Double Rainbow

    Introduction Well 4th Gen is basically over by now, but due to its continuing influence in major tournaments and my own preference for it, I’m not going to be quitting it any time soon. I build teams almost daily and have quite a collection, but I decided to post this one because it has...
  4. Faladran

    Night Sky's Edge

    Introduction Hello, everyone. Some of you may know me from my high level of activity in the RMT forum, in which I spend a great deal of time browsing and rating teams. Despite this, I have yet to actually post a recent team of my own. I suppose I was waiting for “the perfect team,” but I’ve...
  5. Faladran

    Standardizing EV abbreviations

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I thought I'd bring it up since the search function hasn't been working for me. It has come to my attention that the abbreviations that Shoddy (and now Pokemon Lab) utilizes by default for EV spreads are not consistent with those listed on...
  6. Faladran

    Shaymin (Substitute + 3 Attacks)

    This is a Shaymin set that I've been using lately. I think it's relatively decent, so I decided to try posting it; the only set I saw utilizing Substitute was the SubSeed set on the analysis page. I suck at EV spreads, however, so any suggestions would be appreciated...
  7. Faladran

    5 Things That Should be in Generation 5

    First of all, I'm not sure if this belongs in the Stark Mountain forum. My apologies in advance if this is the case. ________________________________________ Introduction With the introduction of Pokemon Platinum, I returned to the games after a long hiatus. Platinum presented several...
  8. Faladran

    Cramming for VGC

    Introduction This year I will be attending VGC for the first time. Unfortunately however, the location I am planning to compete at (Dallas) will be holding its competition on May 29, meaning I have a little over a month to prepare for a metagame that I have zero experience with. Uh oh...
  9. Faladran

    Team Outrage

    Introduction I began the building process of this team by selecting an appropriate late-game sweeper. After experimenting with a few choices, I settled on Salamence for a variety of reasons, including the following: It posesses a variety of resistances. It has decent bulk and the Intimidate...
  10. Faladran

    What do you keep in your pockets?

    Are there any items that you almost always bring with you when you go somewhere? For me, it's 1. Nintendo DSi 2. iPod Touch 3. Flash drive with Shoddy on it.