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  1. AV Cosmoem

    Gen 6 Seedling II - A Pure Hackmons Offense

    SEEDLING II - A PURE HACKMONS BULKY OFFENSE :xy/groudon-primal::xy/altaria-mega::xy/swampert-mega::xy/latios-mega::xy/aerodactyl-mega::xy/diancie-mega: Hello! AV Cosmoem is here to bring you the exciting sequel to Seedling - M-Altaria Bulky Offense, A Pure Hackmons RMT: Seedling II - A Pure...
  2. AV Cosmoem

    All Gens Break This Team - Pure Hackmons

    Break This Team - Pure Hackmons (banner by me; couldn't find original artist :< if someone knows who they are please tell me) (approved by Earthworm) Welcome to the Break This Team forum for Pure Hackmons! So what exactly is Break This Team? Here's how it works! Every week, I will send one...
  3. AV Cosmoem

    Gen 6 Seedling - M-Altaria Bulky Offense, A Pure Hackmons RMT

    M-Altaria Bulky Offense - A Pure Hackmons RMT Hello! It's supreeee, or AV Cosmoem on Pokemon Showdown, here with my second RMT. This time I'm going to look at my favorite format in all of Pokemon: Pure Hackmons. For those of you who don't know, Pure Hackmons is a format created on Pokemon...
  4. AV Cosmoem

    SS Ubers Fallen Memory - Oranguru Stall

    :ss/quagsire::ss/oranguru::ss/lunala::ss/toxapex::ss/sylveon::ss/zacian-crowned: Oranguru Stall Hello, this is my first RMT and I am going to make it on this team I built for Ubers: Oranguru Stall. As with most RMTs, we should start with the teambuilding...