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  1. mikmer

    Old Gens [DONE]ADV Jirachi (GP 1/1)

    Old Gens - ADV Jirachi (QC 0/1) (GP 0/1) | Smogon Forums
  2. mikmer

    Old Gens RBY Zapdos(GP 1/1)

    Done - Zapdos (RBY OU) [QC 1/1] [GP 1/1] | Smogon Forums
  3. mikmer

    Old Gens [DONE] Celebi (ADV OU) (GP 1/1)

    Old Gens - ADV OU Celebi (QC 0/1) (GP 0/1) | Smogon Forums
  4. mikmer

    Gen 3 Breloom(OU Revamp)[QC 0/2]

    :breloom: [OVERVIEW] Breloom is the most reliable sleep inducer in ADV OU thanks to Spore being a 100% accurate sleep move that makes Breloom more reliable than other sleep inducers like Jynx and Venusaur that have to gamble on a 75% accurate move, also having a good defensive typing and...
  5. mikmer

    Gen 3 Hariyama(OU revamp)[QC 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Hariyama is the premier Knock Off user of ADV OU, being more reliable defensively than other frail Knock Off users like Armaldo and Alakazam. Knock Off is Hariyama's biggest selling point because it's a a way to punish sand weak Pokemon that rely on Leftovers to survive in sand, but...
  6. mikmer

    Gen 3 Magneton [DONE]

    [OVERVIEW] Magnet Pull Magneton plays a unique role in ADV OU by trapping prominent Steel-type Pokemon like Skarmory, Forretress, Metagross, Jirachi, and opposing Magneton. Skarmory and Forretress are Magneton's primary targets, as they are potentially OHKOed by Thunderbolt or Hidden Power Fire...
  7. mikmer

    Gen 3 Charizard [QC 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Charizard is an underrated threat in ADV OU with its powerful Fire Blast threatening a large part of the metagame and its great speed tier allowing it to outspeed or tie with most of OU. Its Fire type coverage alone is excellent at threatening the OHKO on many metagame staples like...
  8. mikmer

    Cloyster [QC 2/2][GP 2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Cloyster has a solid niche in ADV OU because it is a Spiker with unique traits. Being a Water-type means that it naturally matches up well against opposing Water-types by freely setting Spikes against the likes of Swampert, Suicune, and Milotic, and not being a Steel-type means that...
  9. mikmer

    Claydol [QC 2/2][GP 2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Claydol plays a fundamental role in ADV OU as one of the best spinners in the metagame. Spinning away Spikes is a great source of support for its teammates, and having a spinner that is immune to Spikes like Claydol is a godsend for many teams. Furthermore, Claydol's immunity to sand...