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    Bump if you're on flockdraw Also post pictures in here too
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     Smeargle Card Project

    REBOOT!! Let's get this done, Bummer and I are going to power through them so if you want to do something make a reservation quick Reserve a card and a pokemon, draw it at 750x1050 pixels, 300 dpi Available cards: NONE LEFT Spades 2 - Scepticallistic - Umbreon 3 - bluehoundoom - Tauros 4...
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    Last updated 7/07/12 Newest: Gallery (Ordered from newest to oldest): Do Ampharos Dream of Electric Mareep? Shaymin Tangela based god Aggron Parasect Torterra Nastysaur Thundurus Team up Mr. Mime The things that evolves from Lileep Eelektross Haxorus vs Ferrothorn Amoonguss animation More...
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    T e a m » Crobat @ Black Sludge EVs » 160 H P / 132 D e f / 216 Spd Jolly Nature + Hypnosis + U-turn + Taunt + Roost Outspeeds virtually all other starters, and either sleeps or Taunts them. Can U-Turn away after it does its job. Gliscor @ Leftovers Ability » Hyper Cutter EV s » 252...