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  1. Oshim

    Darkrai [QC 1/3]

    QC: Nayrz [OVERVIEW] * Darkrai has a fantastic stats boasting a base 125 Speed allowing it to outspeed majority of the Ubers metagame while having a huge 135 SpA to make use of its great speed tier. * Darkrai also has a good movepool with coverage moves such as Focus Blast, Thunder, Sludge...
  2. Oshim

    Ubers Cloyster

    QC Checks: Minority, Hack, Fireburn GP Checks: Haund [OVERVIEW] Excellent entry hazard setter thanks to its access to Spikes and Toxic Spikes, both of which can be very prominent in the tier due to the majority of the Pokemon being grounded. However, Gengar is now able to remove Toxic Spikes...
  3. Oshim

    Pokémon Nihilego

    Nihilego Also known as the Parasite Pokémon. Nihilego is an Ultra Beast, also known by the code name UB-01 Symbiont. Pokedex Number - [793] Type(s) - Rock/Poison Base Stats* - 109 HP / 53 Atk / 47 Def / 127 SAtk / 131 SDef / 103 Spe Abilities Ability - Beast Boost: This Pokemon's highest stat...
  4. Oshim

    ORAS Ubers Shaymin-S HO Team. Fly High! Peak #5 at 1805

    Hey Everyone, im Asim just a guy who likes pokemon a lot. Lately i've been laddering a lot with this HO team i made using it in majority of my battles peaking #5 onto the ladder before i started to tilt and stop. So thought i'd make an RMT on it. Here goes my first RMT. THE TEAM AT A FIRST...