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  1. Rahulbro567

    SS OU Incineroar in Gen 8 OU?!?!

    Introduction: Well its me again, and I'm back with another RMT. This time I wanted to feature Incineroar, who is more prominently used in VGC but oh well. In the current metagame, Primarina is more well known compared to Incineroar and is rightfully So. But I must say that I actually like it. It...
  2. Rahulbro567

    SS OU Dual Sub Hex Pult Balanced Team

    Introduction: This is my Third that I have posted an RMT of, and I am very happy to showcase my Balanced team. I will hopefully describe in detail Each purpose for Each mon in this team and have recently changed my Battle Style. I got up to around 1600 ELO with HO, however noticed that HO is...
  3. Rahulbro567

    SS OU Toxtricity + Grassy Seed Lucha HO

    Introduction: This is my second that I have posted an RMT of, and I am very happy to showcase my HO team. I like HO from the beginning. When playing HO, there are different variations to play e.g screens and you have to sacrifice a mon, in order to bring out a sweeper that can win you the game...
  4. Rahulbro567

    SS OU Gen 8 OU Hyper Offensive Rain Team Starring Kingdra

    I wanted to create an offensive rain team with less favourable mons like pelipper because I am so used to fighting the same teams e.g. with cinderace and zeraora. Rain teams are really good in this Gen and can take advantage of these very popular mons, however still have found trouble against...
  5. Rahulbro567

    VGC Anything to do to Help with my VGC Team?

    I wanted to create a VGC Team that would threaten weather control pokemon and a fair few of Bulky Ones. The Team: Tyranitar @ Weakness Policy Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 161 HP / 252 Atk / 50 Def / 45 SpD Adamant Nature - Rock Slide - Protect -...
  6. Rahulbro567

    Can Anyone help me with this vgc team?

    I wanted to create my very own VGC ft. G-max Lapras. However the team suffers a lot from rain teams and i have no way to deal with it due to snarl which is becoming increasingly popular. If anyone could give me any suggestions to this team, it will be greatly appreciated . Thanks :) The team ...