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    Giving back - AMA

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    explain what your avatar is

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    Fire Emblem Discussion Thread

    good games. i play a lot.
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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting] On turn 14 onwards, Zygarde Dynamaxes, then ends up on low HP and activates Power Construct. At the end of turn 16, the log says Zygarde "returns to normal" (Dynamax ends)...
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    The Well #63: cookie

    deja vu
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    American Politics

    There is no evidence of this.
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    Happy Birthday, Smogon!

    Have a nice day.
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    Happy Birthday, Smogon!

    As you can read here, today Smogon as it is is exactly 15 years old! And since there's no party being thrown here I thought I'd throw a small party of my own in this video here: (pardon the bit of shameless self promotion but text-based parties are boring) chaos screme out your favourite...
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    Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions
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    Youtube's new policy for Youtube Partner Program

    My channel reaches this threshold and I still think this is unfair.
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    Genderfluid, real or fake?

    Just google it? You're not the only person to wonder this and there's some pretty clear explanations out there. But basically some people don't identify with their biological gender.
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    Serious Someone very close to me just died

    I'm sorry for your loss. You should know that other people close to him will have a lot of the same feelings you do. A lot of them might also not know what to say, and that's okay. Just being there together can mean a lot to everyone who has known your teacher.
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    Where is your nick from?

    I'm a goat.
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    Have you had your Wisdom Teeth out?

    I've had it done quite a few years ago. I don't remember having a choice in anaesthetic, but it was probably local since it was only applied to part of my mouth. Anaesthetic sucks and it's kinda creepy when they're messing around inside, and then for one or two days after you'll feel like shit...
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    Strongest & Weakest In-Game Pokémon Ever

    Top10 in GSC/HGSS maybe, cause there's just not many mons that come as early while still being good long term prospects. But no way it's top 10 mons of all time. Can't you see that not having to Thunder Wave to be faster > having to Thunder Wave? There's just too many mons throughout the series...
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    Strongest & Weakest In-Game Pokémon Ever

    Okay, I didn't know Starly's gym matchups were that bad, nvm then. Don't really like Mareep. I mean, it's decent for a casual stroll through the game but it's slow, so it'll get outsped and statused or disrupted a decent amount. That's not exactly top10 material.
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    Strongest & Weakest In-Game Pokémon Ever

    I don't think Abra holds a candle to Totodile in GSC. Both of them can OHKO most of their weak opposition, but there's some things that neither can OHKO (or only Feraligatr can, such as Houndoom), and in those cases Feraligatr wins because it can take a hit. It's also available much earlier, and...
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    Good/Liked Roles and Bad/Disliked Roles?

    I enjoyed it when imperfectluck was in a game without being on the player list. And then someone figured it out. Lots of roles lose their effectiveness/fun when they have been used more than once. Announcer on its own for example is garbage, it needs a twist to it. Like Nostradamus from Viva...