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  1. Magic the Gathering Tournament Round 1

    Well at the time that I signed up my laptop was working....I'm really sorry if I'm not able to get one by Wednesday =/
  2. Magic the Gathering Tournament Round 1

    I have submitted my decklist, but i'm still working on getting a laptop sorry for the inconvience but I will keep you updated.
  3. Magic the Gathering Tournament Round 1

    My laptop actually just broke down, but I should be able to get one soon in a couple days. I'll get my decklist in on wednesday.
  4. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    Heroes of Newerth is pretty much better in every way.
  5. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

    Maybe have the useless evo cards turn into trainer cards after the corresponding pokemon dies.
  6. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

    If you change your avatar I will vote for someone of your choice!
  7. Name kills

    I was considering the two games in one idea a while back, based on the tv series Fringe which utilizes the idea of parallel universes, but yeah it's pretty much way too complicated.
  8. Name kills

    The experienced teammate can simply demand for claims in the thread, they do not need their alias to talk to others.
  9. Name kills

    Make it a beginner mafia, with the mentors using the beginners as aliases. Edit: Main problem between having aliases that the hosts control is that people cannot contact those aliases using forum pms and instead the host must provide some kind of ingame communication relaying system which is...
  10. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

    Yo Machoke, I have something you need.
  11. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

    change vote to lynch unclesam
  12. Hoenn Mafia - Cancelled due to Inactivity.

    Not canceled, Abandoned.
  13. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Game Over! Postgame up!

    lynch imperfectluck
  14. Troy Hurtubise's "Halo Suit"

    Dragon skin is not terrible, it does its job and there have been law enforcement agencies that have purchased dragon skin. The problems with dragon skin is that it did not perform well in the conditions that the United States military (The armor's adhesive was known to corrode in extremely hot...
  15. [Expert] Pokémon TCG Mafia - Sign-ups

    in, used to play the Game Boy game, shame they didn't make more.
  16. BIG_BIGEST_N10

    If UncleSam has to update, let's just consider this game abandoned.
  17. BIG_BIGEST_N10

    We are being trolled there is no other explanation.
  18. The Clowns were in Congress Today.

    The main problem with illegal immigration is the the way the money flows. The reason we want Americans to do these jobs is because we want this money to retain in America. Now obviously we are still going to buy products that are from foreign countries, but they are receiving products from us...