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    Requesting Breloom. IGN: CN Details: Lvl 20 female Psyduck Message: Alex Thanks in advance.
  2. [Big] Fire Emblem Mafia II - Game Over!

    I have a good Lance and I am looking for a good Tome in return. Contact me here or on IRC (under nick CN) if there is a chance of helping each other out! Also, if you happen to be a NOBLE character, then I might have something to help you out. (check wikia to see what might be a noble character)
  3. [Big] Fire Emblem Mafia II Sign-Ups

    in to beat gmax as always
  4. Diplomacy: Worldly Discussions on the ineffectiveness of People.(Canceled)

    Why do I have the god forsaken land called Antarctica and not India? Oh, well...Good luck everyone.
  5. Diplomacy: It's the end of the World as we know it - Sign Ups

    Risk + Diplomacy = Awesome in2win
  6. billy > curry

    What exactly happened to gmax? And congrats billy.
  7. Heartbreak, Homicides and Hdrama: The Tale of a Matador

    You're missing my negative shoutout.
  8. Stand-Up Comedy Thread

    Triumph - The Insult Comic Dog - 10 and a half minutes of pure comedy gold. There are way too many memorable lines to single out one. Russell Peters - His take on Indians and Chinese being unable to work together. His accents of both are funny parts rather than his lines.
  9. wolves > worms

    I too thought this was revenge for dude... But probably isn't. Farewell Earthworm and congrats LightWolf!
  10. itt post your favorite movies (or general movie discussion)

    1. The Matrix - Delightful action sequences and very good dialogues makes it one of the best in action genre. And intellectual stimulation is always good. They took all great science fiction ideas and combined it into this. 2. The Shawshank Redemption - A drama that does not bore you to death...
  11. 2011 Music

    Coldplay is coming out with their 5th sometime in the summer.
  12. [Experimental] -- Metroid Other M Mafia Sign Ups

    Not in. But this user is so going to win the game. Watch out.
  13. [Big] dude Signups

    in to end gmax's winning streak
  14. Internet Privacy

    You must have missed the part that said it shows YOUR IP address to YOU. So no, its not a pre-fabricated message. All the site does is, use the information your browser provides it and put it on the image and display it.
  15. BIG_BIGEST_N10

    item rule says: big_biggest_whiner
  16. Internet Privacy

    Hacking an email account is not so easy as it is made out to be. If you are storing your username/password on your machine and a cracker has the access to it, then the point is moot. If he is guessing your password, then you need better passwords. If he is guessing security question, then again...
  17. .

    Heres what any sensible person at the age of 14 should be doing: studying. I was given this advice when I was 14 too and yes I resented it at that time. But now I understand the importance of it. There will be plenty of time to attend parties, go on dates, get girlfriends etc in life, but at 14...
  18. What's your favorite programming language?

    Has to be C. Its like a swiss army knife, its good for system programming and does decently well in all other areas.