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  1. skimmythegod

    National Dex Make those lil peeps cry! A National Dex stall team featuring Shedinja and friends!

    INTRODUCTION- Hello everyone this is skimmy and welcome to this rmt! This is a national dex stall team made by me and the goat animallol. I've had plenty of success with this team and managed to reached the 1600s. TEAM BULDING PROCESS- :shedinja: I started building this team by adding...
  2. skimmythegod

    SS OU Dragonite stall. (peak 1684)

    Hello evryone! This is a really cool stall team built around dragonite and frens! Also this is my first RMT so plez no bully me D: I peaked 1684 with this team but i have tilted down to 1594 or smth ;-; The team- :ss/dragonite: :ss/clefable: :ss/quagsire: :ss/heatran: :ss/chansey...