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  1. Spook

    Pet Mod [Gen 8] The Complete Pokedex Project V4 [Voting Phase]

    The Complete Pokedex Project V4 approved by G-Luke ➝➝ ➝➝ ➝➝ Hello there! Welcome to the third re-installment of The Complete Pokedex Project - Where the goal is to create a complete, three stage line for every Pokemon! I'd like to thank Ludicrousity, mcFlareon, and Eevee General for creating...
  2. Spook

    Butterfree [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Butterfree's access to Quiver Dance, along with Tinted Lens, makes it tough to bypass once it's set up. Butterfree's strategic usages of Substitute and Sleep Powder allow it to set up on common stall Pokemon with ease, allowing Butterfree to clear through the opposing team's...
  3. Spook

    Tournament A Tournament According to Spook (Playtesting Tournament) [FINALS]

    Hello! Welcome to the first ever The Pokedex According to Spook Tournament! Rules Post "In" to join! Signups will last one week. This will be an OU based tournament Please post your replays! If you think anything is busted, post it in the thread or in the Discord Server after your battles. This...
  4. Spook

    The Pokedex According to Spook

    Approved by G-Luke The Pokedex According to Spook Hello! Welcome to my Pet Mod! This Pet Mod makes changes and additions that I, Spooktune, would make. This Mod also adds something that I like to call a Theta Ability (θ Ability), which is a new ability that every Pokemon recieves, unless said...
  5. Spook

    ZU Golem

    [OVERVIEW] Golem is the premier Stealth Rock setter in the tier. Sturdy enables it to almost always set up Stealth Rock as well as check opposing Pokemon in an emergency. Sturdy also works well with its typing and Weakness Policy, granting it an easy boost and the ability to take down tougher...
  6. Spook

    Spooktune's Art Thread with an original title.

    Howdy! Welcome to my art thread! This year i told myself that i was going to be drawing a lot more, so that is exactly what im doing. I'll also post some old drawings from last year, since it is January and all... WARNING: These images are pretty large.