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  1. Deathly ♛The King

    Other Anything but Average

    Hello, this is an Averagemons RMT. Click the link if you don't know what it is. It is based off of Ubers, but it has one catch: all Pokemon have the same stat allotment as Mew! Anything But Average [At A Glance] This is a stall team that peaked 3rd on the OMOTM ladder multiple times, but...
  2. Deathly ♛The King

    Other Taste The Rainbow (Tier Shift RMT)

    Taste The Rainbow This is a Tier Shift team. First Look: Teambuilding Process: This was originally a small CCAT that a few friends and I did. I then changed it to my liking. So, we decided to base the team around Mesprit, who has great stats in TS and a good supporting movepool. We then tried...