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    if you refuse the vaccine or don't wear a mask

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    you only post twice

    don't @ me
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    keep the threads coming

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    joke format reference

    list of deprecated joke formats: posts/threads with this content will be deleted/locked on sight - [CARDINAL ORDER]posting - tier lists/viability rankings list of joke formats nearing the end of their lifetime: you might still be able to squeeze some likes and laughs out of this, but don't be...
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    guide to thirdposting

    more like TURDposting
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    self-loathing thread

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    real woman
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    I am financially ruined

    I have lost everything, and I'm not sure how to continue. This summer I invested £25,000 (six months salary and my entire life savings) into ornamental gourd futures, hoping to capitalize on this lucrative emerging industry. After watching a video about Vincent Kosuga and his monopoly on onions...
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    i'm an investor

    investers be like: "time to invest" and then they piss they life savings up the wall
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    chad vs virgin

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    an anthropological study

    so on discord i proposed that people who are taller tend to have bigger mouths, just like how their limbs and appendages scale with height. however monkfish noted that these directly contribute to height, and in fact there is no correlation between mouth size and height so if this is the case...
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    new mods

    Celticpride* and Sijih , congrats guys. Everyone else please treat them kindly, they are new to the forum please do not scare them off. They are startled by loud noises and pungent smells. *EDIT: celticpride posted some transphobic shit which is rather unbecoming of any users, let alone...
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    PSA to all pokemon rom hackers

    if you see this user: monkfish, he might ask you to include him in your game. Please DO NOT. He is: - a shit - in arrears on his subscription to shade's mum's onlyfans - known for not keeping whatever promises he made to be included - will eventually ask for more he has a bad credit rating and...
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    Well #64: voting

    see poll
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    Well #64: nominations

    see title
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    The Well #63: cookie

    "A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except Tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer." The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down, "Why not on Tuesday?" A...
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    I still have an erection

    Like phoopes's thread, except that once it hits the four-hour mark I need to contact a doctor.
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    tier viability ranking

    S: F: IMO only F is truly deserving of S tier. It conveys a lot of useful information that's very easy to understand, i.e. don't fucking use it. The cognitive overload this prevents is invaluable. A: S: Note: this tier viability ranking is meant to be topic-agnostic. So while S is definitely...
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    The Internet Ombudsman

    Post your internet-related grievances and I will use my years of experience to help resolve them.