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  1. Greybaum

    ZU Golem-Alola

    [OVERVIEW] Alolan Golem holds a unique position in the ZU metagame as a strong wallbreaker that can trap Steel-types such as Bronzor and Mawile thanks to its ability, Magnet Pull, paving the way for teammates like Exeggutor and Muk to sweep teams. Its solid Attack stat and access to coverage...
  2. Greybaum

    ZU Silvally

    [OVERVIEW] Thanks to a relatively high Speed tier, reasonable bulk, and a powerful STAB move in Double-Edge, Silvally is able to act as an offensive check to top threats in the metagame, with its Speed tier placing it above a variety of fast sweepers including Rock Polish Torterra, Combusken...
  3. Greybaum

    PU Electrode [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    uploaded-TONE [OVERVIEW] Thanks to a phenomenal Speed stat and access to both Reflect and Light Screen, Electrode is able to set itself apart from PU's other Electric-types as the best dual screens user in the tier, functioning as a potent lead for hyper offense teams. Electrode also is the...