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  1. Apagogie

    AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament IV - Week 2 [See Post #80 on Page 4]

    (gorgeous art by Albinson) This is a Type A tournament that will be included in the 2021 AG tournament circuit; learn more about it here. Welcome to the fourth Anything Goes Ladder Tournament! The rules are pretty simple. Every week you try to ladder as high as you can on a new account, and...
  2. Apagogie

    Other UMPL Player Signups

    Discord | UMPL sheet Welcome in the first edition of UMPL. This tour is hosted by Apagogie, cromagnet & Jett. This is the thread for players to sign up The 6 teams selected to manage are the following : The Aesthetic Articuno managed by Jamez and Temporal Totodile The Gliding Grookey managed...
  3. Apagogie

    Other UMPL - Manager Sign ups

    Manager sign ups of Unofficial Metagame Premier League Alola everyone. cromagnet, Jett and I will be hosting this tournament This tournament will feature 4 of previous unofficial metagames, AG, 1v1, NFE & ZU. It will be a premier league format where 6 different teams will face in 8 intense...
  4. Apagogie

    Other UMPL - Administrative decisions & Announcements

    This thread will be used to post general information about the tournament. Any administrative decision will be posted here as well. The hosts of this tournament are Apagogie, cromagnet, and Jett. Tournament format & information The purpose of this tournament is to propose a competitive and...
  5. Apagogie

    Project ZU Laddering Achievements

    ZU Laddering Achievements Approved by 5gen and Ho3nConfirm3d. Inspired by Aaronboyer. Grammar checked by Celly Berry ZU Laddering Achievements are coming back for generation eight! Complete fun challenges on the ZU ladder to gain points and see after several months who has been the best among...
  6. Apagogie

    Project Personal ZU Viability Rankings

    Personal ZU Viability Rankings :Mr Mime-Galar: :Gourgeist: :Corsola: :Dusclops: :Shiinotic: :Klang: :Machoke: :Mr Mime: :Linoone-Galar: :Shedinja: Approved by 5gen The dynamic path of the ZU tier in the beginning of generation 8 and the fundamentally subjective nature of tiering lead to a...