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  1. Vacate

    PS is back up

    PS is now up and running. To stop the incoming flood of threads about connection issues: PS is down right now and we're still finding out what's wrong. This is an issue from our end and should be resolved soon. Don't panic! We'll keep you updated.
  2. Vacate

    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    Vacedit: this is not april fools... if it was it'd be lousy Do not post metagame, tiering, or any non-PS suggestions here. Post your suggestions for improving Showdown here! Suggestions posted in this thread will be archived in the OP - so be sure to read through it first before posting your...
  3. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 10 released!

    Issue 10 The last ten issues of this webzine have been an absolute blast to put together! Finally, though, after many months at the helm, I'm handing over full control to antemortem and the rest of the staff, who I'm sure will do a superb job. It has been wonderful to see a media project...
  4. Vacate

    Eurovision 2015

    All the songs for 2015 have been announced! This year is probably one of the strongest years ever. The past 2 years have seen some great song and this year can definitely compete with those. We can use this thread to discuss thoughts on the contest this year, who you think will do well/badly...
  5. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 7 released!

    Issue 7 Issue 7 is out! This issue features an interview with Trickster, the latest edition of The Gossiper, and an intro to the MMO room. Our new shorter release cycle means you're getting this issue even earlier than usual. Also, Antemortem has been appointed to co-leader of The Player, so...
  6. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 6 released!

    Vote for the next staff interview here! Issue 6 This issue was the first issue without Scene, who has been co-leader and editor of The Player for the past 6 months. It's a real shame to see him go and I've written a little more than this in the editor's note. Issue 6 packs tons of great...
  7. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 5 released!

    Issue 5 This month has been pretty chaotic with the downtime on the sim, but this edition of The Player should be just as good as ever! This issue features a look at the closing stages of PSPL II, an guide on how to be a good presence in the Lobby, and another edition of The Gossiper, by MattL...
  8. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 3 released!

    (interviews 2, 3 and 4 have their polls on the same link as the previous interview) #1: Haunter (poll here) #2: prem #3: Nani Man #4: Scene #5: Darnell (poll) #6: Scotteh (poll) Issue 3 We're now at the third issue of PS's webzine! The hard work of all the staff this issue has led to a...
  9. Vacate

    Ask the Admins - Issue 3

    The Player is resurrecting the old Ask the Admins series from The Smog. This series involves asking any questions you want to members of the administrative team, this time for PS Leaders and above. Our first panel consists of jdarden, The Immortal and Zarel! In this thread, post any questions...
  10. Vacate

    The Player: Issue 1 released!

    #1: Haunter #2: prem #3: Nani Man #4: Scene Issue #1 Hello all! Issue 1 of The Player is now out! This is our first issue, hopefully of many. It includes 10 articles and makes a fine read! Above you will find the poll to vote for the next staff interview which will be featured in issue 2. Be...
  11. Vacate

    How to Contribute to The Player

    How to Contribute to The Player Welcome to The Player subforum, home to Pokemon Showdown's very own webzine that is run by the community! If you're interested in getting involved with the project - we'd love to have you! - by writing an article, creating art, or writing code, you're in the...
  12. Vacate

    Have a question? Ask it here! - The Player Edition

    If you have any questions about Showdown's new webzine, ask them here! Please don't make a new thread for questions. This thread is where they go. You can alternatively contact a staff member in The Player (antemortem, Spydreigon, f(x), and Quarkz). All Smogon Global Rules apply. If your...
  13. Vacate

    Tournaments on PS!

    Hello all! As you probably know by now, PS has a (beta) tournaments script up and running across the server! The script is easier to use, easier to manage, and much slicker. It was programmed by kota/victini/pika, and is definitely an improvement on Challonge tours. But, naturally with any new...
  14. Vacate

    PS Facebook Page

    You may have noticed the old Facebook page for Pokemon Showdown has been revived recently under the care of Vacate and SteelEdges. We intend to post Smogon-related news, Showdown developments and community events, and things of general interest to the competitive Pokemon fan. Be sure to like...