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    official forum

    what up, dont leak the link
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    Welcome to the Public Announcements Forums

    This forum is exactly what it sounds like. I don't want to baby you, so I don't think I need to elaborate any further.
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    [AMA] Vader

    dont ask me questions about my personal life, i already did a well and smog article for those specialty: firebot(?), locking threads I used to be king lc and c&c mod vet, plus I was an old school CaPlord, and I raised birkal from shitty egg to birdkal master of realms ask me things if you...
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    this is
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    dad logic

    idk about you guys, but when I was a kid and didn't know how anything worked, my father used to fuck with me by lying. here are a few of my father's lies: -black and white photos are actually in color, but color as we know it wasn't invented until the 70s -if you kept water in a sealed...
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    Serious boston marathon bombing

    idk what there is to say, but the Boston Marathon got bombed, as of now 2 are dead and at least 28 hurt. here's an article
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    it's not an std
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    WHO grinched me........

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    facial expressions

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    2012 halloween thread

    go nuts also keep any stupid halloween pun posts itt and out of real threads
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    request a gif

    I have a long and illustrious history of creating GIFs of me being a fool \ etc the list goes on, those are from avatars but I did one where I was smoking out of a waterbottle recently so request gifs of me, fatecrashers, doing things and if they don't suck I'll make them!!
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    porygon appreciation #2

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    adult versions of kid songs

    the title might be bad / this thread might be bad BUT upon listening to 4IRdw_Qgwqc and realized it is, in essence, a babyfied version of LnzYG0ZkrXg both songs are body part brags. KqhfLTsEeZg vs CS9OO0S5w2k acronym? homoerotic subtext? heck, the chorus is even sang by a chorus...
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    is skrillex the autistic elvis costello

    god y0ou know before i did the googler img search for this i thought he went by skillrex which is way cooler since hed be a skilled king but i was juust wrong so he looks like he cries in his basement a lot to me?
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    is there a bottom limit on quality in this forum

    let's find out!! These were my front page mon entries: the white stuff is a tony montana-level mound of coke shootin' up some guy made a thread in firebot or a forum asking for drawings for tattoos, and I made this? this is my portrait of user alan, I don't remember why but probably...
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    popular memes changed by one letter

    basically, take the name of a meme, change it by a letter, make the picture cyancat
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    I mean SOMEONE was gonna make this thread so why not me? It's 3:40am here, gonna be 4:20 soon. If this thread ends up terrible (it will) then someone please lock it!!
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    hulk vs superman: THE THREAD

    rebuttal, Lee?
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    who's gonna get the two millionth post?

    it's right around the corner!