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  1. RedEmption

    SM OU HO Z Kommo-o + Metronome Celesteela [Peaked #1 - 2113 Elo]

    Proof Introduction : Since this team is everywhere on the ladder right now, i felt like i needed to do the rmt, i built it while i was streaming and wanted to make "a not mainstream HO". Not gonna lie i chose the mons without thinking too much, just because it looked cool. (My gxe dont mean...
  2. RedEmption

    SM OU No laughing Matter - Z-Dig Greninja BO Peak #1 / 2102 Elo (86% Gxe)

    Screenshot ---> Introduction : Nobody can deny that SM OU isn't popular. For many reasons : mashups haven't been that important for a long time and several Mons are just a pain to deal with (hawlucha, magearna, toxapex...
  3. RedEmption

    SM OU I'm in a hurry - Hyper Offense Peaked #6 (1921 elo)

    Proof that i Peaked #6 -----------------> Introduction : Sometimes you just don't want to cogitate while playing Pokemon. I'm one of those guys who likes to bring dumb hyper offenses on the ladder just for fun, trying to...