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  1. Sam


    greetings Since my last thread was in Firebot and is thus unavailable, I thought I would make a new thread about fragrances/perfumes/colognes. If you know me at all you probably know that this is one of my favorite hobbies - I'd taken to writing reviews occasionally and I'll probably continue...
  2. Sam

    Hey dudes

    Don't make it bad I am stepping down as UU Tier Leader. I'll still be around as an admin and be involved in Smogon policy and stuff, and will stick around in the community. It's been a fun ride for over 2 years now. Thanks to everyone who I had a chance to meet and interact with. :heart:
  3. Sam

    Timetable for SM Lower Tier Development

    So there has been some talk and speculation about how the lower tiers are going to form and I figure I'd address it in a central post. What's currently happened is that UU has entered the Beta stage, and RU currently has an Alpha ladder. These labels may seem a bit arbitrary but they do have...
  4. Sam

    teal6 is now a super moderator and head TD!

    teal6 has been promoted to both head TD and smod! He has proven himself to be an asset to the Tournament's section of the site. Both of his promotions reflect his dedication and hard work. Congrats!
  5. Sam

    SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    Post any quick questions here about team help, the tier, etc.
  6. Sam

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    UU beta is finally underway! In the beta phase, UU is going to be volatile. You can expect many quickbans to occur, as decided by the UU Council. These quickbans will probably happen in batches, meaning multiple Pokemon at once. Everything that gets quick banned will be tested at a later date...
  7. Sam

    dodmen is co-UUTL

    I couldn't think of a clever title oh well
  8. Sam

    ORAS UU Stage 7.3 Voting

    Voting on Hydreigon Wings of Night Donphantastic p2 Tio Chico Lord Esche Ninjacalibur qwily DrReuniclus Panther-T Kamer Lcans Century Express PinkDragonTamer @pokemonsparrow @Slotted Pig Accelgor YouthBerry DerekDaCockroach Lord Iroh warzoid Gualino Curtain CBU Eutychios HQuaze SableyeMyBae...
  9. Sam

    np: ORAS UU Stage 7.3 - See No Evil | Baton Pass Suspect - see post #110

    UU is suspecting Hydreigon. A long time staple of UU this generation, Hydreigon has increasingly become a difficult Pokemon to deal with. A myriad of good sets including Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Taunt Roost, and All-Out Attacker make Hydreigon difficult to deal with, as different sets carry...
  10. Sam

    Ksh13 and blarajan are VGC Co-Leaders

    Ksh13 has been leading VGC for a few weeks now but it wasn't announced here. blarajan has joined him in leading Smogon VGC after having a good showing at Worlds this year. Congrats to both!
  11. Sam


    I've found myself listening to podcasts more lately, mostly as a way to keep myself entertained and engaged when I'm on walks or just mindlessly browsing things. They're also nice to listen to on drives. What are some podcasts you guys listen to? Some I have enjoyed so far are 538's Election...
  12. Sam

    UUPL IV Finals [Won by Omfuga and the Gang]

    Littleroot Lindas (4) vs Pewter Porygon p2s (4) ORAS UU: Hairy Toenail vs atomicllamas ORAS UU: Pak vs North ORAS UU: Vapo vs soulgazer BW UU: GULLY vs Evan. BW UU: sniperr vs aim DPP UU: Amaroq vs Isa ADV UU: Tricking vs KratosMana Manager: Shiba vs Omfuga Deadline: June 29th 11:59 PM EST
  13. Sam

    UUPL IV Week 5

    The Blackthorn City Battle Girls (3) vs Route 30 Youngsters (3) ORAS UU: Sacri' vs Scythe. ORAS UU: xMarth vs DrReuniclus ORAS UU: Aquadext vs Meru BW UU: Raseri vs Calloflochie BW UU: Advantage vs Accelgor DPP UU: Oglemi vs Kushalos ADV UU: Spoof vs Ice Tea Manager: King UU vs dodmen Slateport...
  14. Sam

    np: ORAS UU Stage 7 - Turn It Out

    Conkeldurr and Sylveon have dropped to UU for the first time ever, with Celebi return after a long absence. Mega Alakazam and Mega Altaria also dropped, but they have been banned in previous stages of UU. Zapdos rose to OU, as did Amoonguss and Quagsire (who were not UU but seen regularly)...
  15. Sam

    UUPL IV Week 3

    The Blackthorn City Battle Girls (3) vs Pewter Porygon 2s (5) ORAS UU: Sacri' vs TonyFlygon ORAS UU: Advantage vs Realistic Waters ORAS UU: xMarth vs Blunder BW UU: Spoof vs Evan. BW UU: Raseri vs aim DPP UU: innovamania vs atomicallamas ADV UU: Oglemi vs KratosMana Manager: King UU vs Omfuga...
  16. Sam

    UUPL IV Week 1

    Week 1 is finally here! Follow SPL scheduling rules. No Extensions. The Blackthorn City Battle Girls (3) vs Slateport City Socialites (5) ORAS UU: xMarth vs Christo. ORAS UU: reyscarface vs ZoroDark ORAS UU: Advantage vs hilarious BW UU: 49 vs reachzero BW UU: Raseri vs MeowMiXXX DPP UU...
  17. Sam

    UU Premier League IV - Rosters and Trades

    The Black City Burglars: [Money: 5500 | Bidders: flcl, crashinboombang] Players: kokoloko, Bluewind, CrashinBoomBang, Kiyo, Jirachee, TDK, -Tsunami-, Key, Peli Mikan Island Monsters: [Money: 0 | Bidders: teal6, r0ady, mizuhime] Players: rumor, Mizuhime, Pearl, r0ady, Eo Ut Mortus, Valentine...
  18. Sam

    UnderUsed Premier League IV - Manager Signups

    Welcome to the fourth edition of the UUPL! Post here if you're interested in being a manager. Being a manager will require you to be active for the next 1.5 months, so don't sign up if you know you'll have large periods of inactivity during that time. The format is going to be 8 (or maybe 6)...
  19. Sam

    np: ORAS UU Stage 6 - Slow Hands

    hello As you know, recently we're receiving new drops in the form of mega base-form mons. In addition to this, we have decided to hold a suspect test. The mon being tested is Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt is a very potent offensive mon, but the metagame has changed drastically since it was last tested...
  20. Sam

    UU Team Trials II - [Won by DR.DAMAGE]

    OP taken from Limitless Welcome to the second Team Trials ORAS UU tournament for the Underused forum! For those of you who aren't familiar with Smogon history, Team Trials is a tournament that is hosted which comprises of three person teams. These teams then duke it out in a knockout-style...