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  1. Bulk up that scrafty! Trade thread

    Bulk up that scrafty! Trade thread well hello and welcom to my first trade thread I'll say enjoy this place and have fun. Somethings you need to know: ~I don't have an AR, so I can't clone or do stuff like that. ~I haven't learned how to RNG abuse yet. (probobly it will stay this way for...
  2. Bulk up that scrafty! trade thread

    wrong one, how do you delete this? lol :p
  3. my first UU TEAM!! and I love it :)

    HI everybody! I have several teams though, but the one I use the most right now is my UU team, plzz comment spiritomb(SPIRITOMB:p)@ dread plate 252 hp, 126 def, 126 sp def, 4 att -pursuit -suckerpunch -pain split -will o wisp Well, I start off with my defensive lead spiritomb! I love him...