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  1. roxiee

    Quality Control Silvally-Steel (QC 0/2)

    amcheck - I feel like U-turn should be a second slash with Parting Shot since Xatu is pretty standard and Parting Shot can be pretty antiproductive when facing it - Silvally-Steel's unique niche in NU comes from being the only specially bulky defogger that can pivot while still maintaining some...
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    WIP Cinderace (Fire)

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    Project NU Room Events

    Thursday, October 21st Tier: DPP Winner: GW Runner-Up: Togkey Semi-Finalists: Mr.Bossaru rubycandy Finals Replay: Tier: SS Winner: roxiee Runner-Up: Instruct Semi-Finalists: turtledoggo1 UnzipsCrogre Finals Replay...
  4. roxiee

    WIP Cinderace (Fire)

    Bulk Up being in Other Options is definitely not ideal at all. Giving up coverage to use a fast offensive Pokemon as a potential hazard control when there is Torkoal, Rotom-H, and Volcanion available as forms of hazard control is not necessary at all. The same applies for U-turn, Volcarona can...
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    WIP Cinderace (Fire)

    Heya, can you change the set to: Cinderace @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Libero EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Bulk Up - Low Kick - Pyro Ball - Sucker Punch Gunk Shot in Moves OO: HJK, Zen Headbutt, Choice Scarf, Life Orb, Court Change, U-turn, Electro Ball (it doesn't...
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    Project NU Next Best Thing [Week 33: Doublade]

    Congratulations Togkey on winning the Snorlax cycle with Belly Drum + Custap :custap_berry:! Cycle 33 - Disturbia :ss/doublade: Doublade is our drop alongside Snorlax we've been hoping for months from RU! No Guard + Toxic is pretty great in the tier as it targets Talonflame, Mudsdale, and...
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    Resource SS NU Viability Ranking Thread

    :stunfisk-galar: UR -> C People have started using Galarian Stunfisk in SCL and having a Ground-type that doesn't autolose to Rotom-C is decent. Thunder Wave and Sludge Bomb are cool ways to spread status but our tier is filled with Heal Bell and Xatu is pretty common on most NU teams. It does...
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    NU NU Last Chance Qualifier - Signups

    in :fukyu:
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    Copyediting Togekiss (Fairy) [QC:2/2] [GP:0/2]

    [Overview] - Its ability, Serene Grace, gives its Air Slash a high chance to flinch, which when, coupled with substitute, threatens most defensive Pokemon. [Explaining what Serene Grace sounds unnecessary. The dex already says what Serene Grace does but saying something like "Serene Grace...
  10. roxiee

    NU BW NU Cup - Round 3

    The original decision was fine, NH didn't respond in 3 days after poh initially messaged but that doesn't make up for poh responding. However, poh gave his timeframe and availability and you pretty much decided to schedule a game last minute without confirming with your opponent. There is a...
  11. roxiee

    Monotype Screens Rotom-W (Water) [ORAS]

    Cell: Can’t write an actual qc atm but you put the wrong lando form in the light screen sentence Type one -> Water 1/2 great work
  12. roxiee

    Quality Control Mimikyu (Fairy) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    stuff like "Life Orb" and "Dark" needs to be capitalized all throughout the analysis. [Overview] Mimikyu is a unique setup sweeper on Fairy because of its ability Disguise and access to Swords Dance and Shadow Sneak, allowing it to pose an offenor finish off weakened opponents. [They don't...
  13. roxiee

    Quality Control Mimikyu (Fairy) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    Mimikyu luring defensive users like Celesteela/Skarmory/Landorus-T/Melmetal to support Tapu Bulu / Azumarill has its niche. Chaitanya has used Thunder Wave / WOW Mimikyu for the same reasons on Ghost teams and Mimikyu alone relies on teammates to make progress before it comes in. This means if...
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    Metagame NP: NU Stage 9 - Fat Bottomed Girls [Snorlax unbanned -- see post 18]

    Choice Band :ss/tauros: Choice Band Snorlax has a variety of coverage options to run but the thing it lacks is longevity and speed like other wallbreakers like Tyrantrum and Exploud. In fact, I can even compare Choice Band Snorlax to Tauros and Tauros has a wide movepool, great Speed and...
  16. roxiee

    Done Bisharp (Dark)

    implement this and I or maroon will drop the last check. This is improving
  17. roxiee

    Quality Control Mimikyu (Fairy) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/2]

    When writing don't use (parenthesis), just write them in complete sentences. Check out this analysis (1) Copyediting - Urshifu-R (Water) [GP 1/2] | Smogon Forums to see how to format the Checks and Counters section MurderousMantyke, after you implement this, I'll check this and then Felines will...
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    Tournament Monotype Multigen Bo3 Seeded Tour II (Signups)

    harley in (haha reacts only <3)
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    nice pfp

    nice pfp
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    Resource Sword & Shield Monotype Analyses: Crown Tundra Reservation Index

    Once your previous analysis reaches the Grammar phase, you can reserve another pokemon. reservation limit: Regular users - 1 Badgehdolders - 2 Qc Member - 3 unless approved by mono c&c mod