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  1. Avaritia GC

    Tournament NDPL II - Commencement Thread

    art by Dharma All non-signup posts go here. Post appropriately please. :cubchoo: TEAM: Crying Cubchoos | MANAGERS: crying, ez :scizor: TEAM: Spunching Scizors | MANAGERS: adem, Magnum :drifloon: TEAM: Die Lit Drifloons | MANAGERS: Aurodian, omicorio :delcatty: TEAM: Dazzling Delcattys |...
  2. Avaritia GC

    Tournament NDPL II - Player Signups

    art by Dharma Welcome to the second iteration of National Dex Premier League! This tournament will last an extended amount of time, so keep in mind that you must be available throughout the tournament's duration while signing up. When you sign up, you are not only committing to being active...
  3. Avaritia GC

    Monotype Scolipede (Poison)

    [OVERVIEW] Poison ====== *Scolipede's movepool, great Speed, and decent Attack allow it to serve as a potent offensive wallbreaker, sweeper, or cleaner. *Scolipede is one of the only few viable physically offensive Pokemon for Poison; its Bug-type STAB makes it a powerful force against Psychic...