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  1. peng

    Individual Tour Playoffs - Opponent picking

    I think Excal's point though is that qualifying 8th may be a worse position that qualifying 9th? If a goat-tier player decides to get just enough points to qualify for playoffs and then stops, they'll end up 9th-16th and will likely be left for the guy who finished 8th to play. What we don't...
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    Gen 5 Kyurem (OU) [QC 0/2]

    ctrl+f "kyurem-b" = 0 results :( i think it would be worth mentioning somewhere that kyurem faces stiffest competition from kyurem-b (has better offensive sub and choiced sets) and as such its place is really abusing the few traits that it has over its other forme i.e. pressure. Best places to...
  3. peng

    How to define what makes a weather broken

    A large part of this comes down to the sheer number of like-for-like replacements there are for the Swift Swim / Chlorophyll mons, no? Like in a tier where Venusaur is considered broken af, its not too far a jump to assume that in a Venusaur-less metagame that players would just use Victreebel...
  4. peng

    Durant and Moltres in BW RU

    Just a general tiering policy post here from me mostly replying to Dorron re:RNG, i’m not going to comment on whether durant and moltres are actually banworthy or not but i think it is reasonable to be pro-ban for rng reasons in most metagames it is really easy to draw a line in the sand...
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    OU Spooktober - a.k.a Spinblocker Appreciation Month

    Echoing what TDK said here, this is actually an example of Froslass doing its job. I was actually on the opposing team in this finals and spectating it, we spent the vast majority of the game thinking it was unwinnable, and we only got bailed out due to 1) Meteor miss 2) Volcarona not being Bug...
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    OU Spooktober - a.k.a Spinblocker Appreciation Month

    Spinblocker Appreciation Month Introduction: Right, so anyone who has remotely followed my tournament appearances / laddering / discord rants knows that for the last 6 months, I've been exploring the use of spinblockers in BW OU. Being Halloween month, this seemed like an appropriate time to...
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    BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    The important thing here is not what tier a Pokemon is in, but where it sits relative to everything else. Everything is ranked relative to one-another. No-one is saying that Terrakion is awful or unviable, but the question is, is it better than all of Skarmory, Mamoswine, Scizor, Starmie...
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    BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    -anti-terrak brigade essay incoming- Terrak is ranked too high in current VR imo. Look at stuff that is ranked below it - Mamoswine, Skarmory, Jellicent, Volcarona, Starmie, and Scizor are all absolute metagame staples and Terrakion, as it stands, is a fringe presence at best. Terrakion saw 5...
  9. peng

    ADV Beat Up Revealing Nicknames

    PS already has a nickname mod and has since day 1 I can rock up to DPP with a shiny Raikou called Ben and that should tell my opponents that I do not have Aura Sphere, which is event exclusive and therefore the only possible nick is RAIKOU. We don't implement this for an obvious reason - it...
  10. peng

    ADV Beat Up Revealing Nicknames

    Whilst I have to admit that this mechanic is a fun detail of ADV, its definitely at the point now that its just completely optimal to nickname every single time and as a result we can probs just patch the sim to assume that all pokemon are nicknamed and have Beat Up behave as in all other gens...
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    have left this quite late - not sure i can now

    have left this quite late - not sure i can now
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    Sup man, whats your availability like for tomorrow? Somewhere between 7 and 11pm my time would...

    Sup man, whats your availability like for tomorrow? Somewhere between 7 and 11pm my time would be ideal if that works for you
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    Hey, BWPL, can you play weekend? GMT+1 here

    Hey, BWPL, can you play weekend? GMT+1 here
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    Cheers bud

    Cheers bud
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    BW OU Good Cores

    I don't know how much Keldeo actually contributes there (Keldeo being a bad way of covering a Heatran weakness and not pairing with Volc well generally) but I've used a lot of Toxicroak over Breloom on standard Smurf for the reasons alluded to above and it certainly pulls its weight. Toxicroak...
  16. peng

    BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    Hydra’s issue for me has always been that is does 1 thing super well but doesnt contribute much metagame-relevant utility past that. Heavily competes with Latios and mix Chomp in particular but those tick extra boxes like Keldeo/Thund check and Vswitch immune/SR respectively, whereas building...
  17. peng

    BW OU Hub

    Been using something very similar to the above six for a few weeks and really been liking it. Basically, I think spinblocking is super underrated in BW. I think we largely dismiss things like Gengar and other frail Ghost-types because the spinners in Gen 5 are all so good - Analytic Starmie and...
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    thanks who are you

    thanks who are you
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    BW Role Compendium v2.0

    Suicide lead section is a bit weird - really only Skarmory and Landorus-T are BW suicide leads, with Double Edge Aerodactyl being after the slash. Terrakion would fit there too. Garchomp, Breloom, Mamoswine, Excadrill aren’t really suicide leads, just mons that can viably run Sash (even that is...
  20. peng

    BW Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Meant to reply to this sooner but better late than never. This will just be a long rant about Volcarona and current meta thoughts that I've previously spoken about on the BW discord. I was vocally anti-Volcarona for a while as I thought it adds a ton of bs match-up into a metagame where you...