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  1. risi

    risi's hobbit hole

    Hi! I'm risi, and uhh welcome to my art thread! I do mostly traditional art, but I may make some other random things as well! I'm going to try to keep this thread updated, but we'll see how that goes. Here is a collection of artwork that I've recently done:
  2. risi

    SS LC Grookey+Fomantis

    Hi everyone! This is a team that originally started as a joke (and still is one) that I found to be really fun to use, so I decided to share it here. I built this since I missed the glory days of Snivy in SM, and wanted to be able to just click Leaf Storm and win games. It's not really practical...
  3. risi

    SS LC Croagunk Webs

    Introduction: Hi, I'm back again to share some not so great teams! Hopefully this is a better RMT than the last one :bloblul:. In the current meta, I feel that Croagunk is an underrated mon. It's a decent set-up sweeper, a great glue mon, but it is held back by a lack of speed. So, I wanted to...
  4. risi

    SS LC Cutiefly + Wingull team

    umm... Hi everyone! I want to share a team that I’ve had a little bit of success so far with, but still have not completely finalized. This team is my attempt at a balance team without using a Ferroseed/Spritzee core or a Onix/Vullaby/Oddish core! It is based around a Cutiefly and Chinchou core...