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  1. Hobojoe28

    SM OU No Complaints - Balanced Offense (Peaked 1700+)

    Hey all, Hobo here with my first RMT in over 2 years. I used to play a lot during XY, and dabbled a little into the ORAS meta but was no where as serious about playing as i once was. A week ago today i got back into playing again, and after learning the new meta, was able to craft a team that...
  2. Hobojoe28

    Real Prowess - Mega Mawile RMT (Peaked 1700+)

    Yo, how's it going everybody? Hobo here, back again with another RMT on the Smogon Forums. Today we've got a nice little team i came up with that's had some pretty good success. It's featured around Mega Mawile, a powerful wall breaker that doesn't disappoint. As always, this team is not final...
  3. Hobojoe28

    The OU Stallbreaker

    Hey guys, Hobo here and welcome to my second RMT on the Smogon Forums. Today we have a nice stall breaking team that i came up with. (with some help ofc) lol thanks Dread! Anyway, it seems pretty solid so far, although i would like to see if there's anything i could change for the better. Before...
  4. Hobojoe28

    6th Generation Mega Venusaur RMT

    Ah yes, the team. This is actually a relatively new team, although it has been tested quite extensively. In my opinion, this team is very well balanced by complimenting each others move pools and resistances. Although Genesect is being suspect tested, I still like this one for the time being...