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  1. cim

    Triple Fighting (MediCross)

    Team Triple Fighting (MediCross) So this was my first "real" UU team. I'd built one before this one, but it was mainly to get a feel for a metagame and wasn't nearly as purpose driven as this team. Essentially, Seven Deadly Sins (my alternate account) and I got bored one night and I ran some...
  2. cim

    Rotom-F (WIP)

    Not 100% done yet but I thought I would get the sets down at least. [Overview] Hail gives Rotom-F a new lease on life since it must use Blizzard. Electric-Ice typing has ridiculous offensive coverage, but very few resistances to come in on. 86 Speed makes it a great Choice Scarfer, especially...
  3. cim

    Snover (QC 3/3)

    I'll write this over the next day or so [Overview] <p>Snover is the only legal Pokemon that can summon permanent weather in Underused, making him a mandatory member of a hail team. Unfortunately, Snover is a pretty terrible Pokemon, with not a single stat higher than Base 62. It's quite...
  4. cim

    *Good* Creative / Unusual Moveset Thread

    Hey guys, I've been playing with gimmicks for awhile and I was surprised to find UU didn't have a creative moveset thread to discuss them. So here we go! Some guidelines for better posting: Play with a set before you post it! This is not a thread for "lol look i can run lock on and sheer cold...
  5. cim

    Medicham (QC 3/3) [GP 2/2]

    so anyone in irc may have noticed me hyping medicham's specific niche in UU as a heracross cleaner, so i thought i'd draft a small UU analysis for him [Overview] <p>Medicham's most notable quality is its great ability, Pure Power, which doubles its otherwise pitiful Attack stat to a monstrous...
  6. cim

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  7. cim

    Warning Appeals forum and process

    The title is pretty self explanatory. There should be a public forum for users to post to get a warning appealed. The current system for getting an unfair warning removed is weird and lacks oversight. The most intuitive thing for a user to do is to immediately reply to the moderator. This...
  8. cim

    CMJ 2010 I'll be here this week. Any other Smogoners going? Any opinions as to which bands to see? The set list is HUGE.
  9. cim

    "No bans" Testing Proposal

    This is just an idea, feel free to throw it out and start over. A very common criticism of the "no bans" approach is time consumption; tests traditionally take forever, so no bans metagames would waste lots of time! I've consistently argued that this doesn't have to be the case, to no avail. So...
  10. cim

    "All Articles" link for The Smog

    Occasionally I look for a Smog article that I can't remember what issue it's in. Before I could just click them all but we have more than just a few now. Can we have an "All Articles" button that just lists them all?
  11. cim

    Prop 8: Great riddance, or GREATEST riddance?

    Here's a news story in case you haven't heard. In the biggest news until the Supreme Court inevitably takes this case, a federal court overturned Proposition 8, California's ban on same sex marriage, by ruling it unconstitutional. Obviously the case is rather unprecedented and though the...
  12. cim

    Blissey (EV Spread Discussion) At the current time, the Blissey analysis advocates that players use a 252 HP / 252 Def Bold spread on their Blisseys, rather than the 252 Def / 216 SpD spread of a few years back. As I've never understood the discussion to be black and white, I looked...
  13. cim

    Empoleon (Update)

    Summary of the changes I wanna make: Make Ice Beam a Set Comments option on Empoleon, it's far inferior. Take out SD and deemphasize 3 attack agil Edit the other sets down a bit for conciseness [Overview] <p>While Empoleon is often overlooked in lieu of other standard Pokemon, it is a...
  14. cim

    Change in Shoddy Battle Moderation style.

    I apologize in advance for the long post. I intend no disrespect toward any member of Smogon. Over the past year or so, Shoddy chat quality has gone from laughably bad to even more laughably bad. Intelligent discussion hasn't happened in the room in YEARS, as no serious Pokemon player uses it...
  15. cim

    Downloadable sets on Analyses?

    I think it would be really convenient if each set on a Pokemon analysis had a downloadable Box set to accompany it, or a box for the whole Pokemon. I would be fully willing to do the work if people like the idea. What do you think?
  16. cim

    Restricted IVs for Pokemon we're not sure about.

    There are a significant number of Pokemon on Shoddy Battle with restricted IV combinations that use RNGs we haven't fully researched. The most notable example is Jirachi, who comes mainly from Colloseum's bonus disk which could use a completely different RNG altogether. Is there any particular...
  17. cim

    Have Search stop throwing out common words

    Smogon's search decides words are often too common to be included in searches when they're actually integral to what you're looking for. For example, if I search this forum for "little cup", I get told both of those words are too common. I've noticed countless times I'll search for something...
  18. cim

    Cong threads that no one reads, everyone posts in

    I'm sure this isn't the right place for this, but there's an ever growing number of Cong threads where people just post stuff about them that no one cares about. Cong's supposed to be a forum for critical discussion, rather than "post something about this aspect of you that no one really cares...
  19. cim

    ST6 Empoleon

    ST6 Empoleon So I lost ST6 Round 1 like I thought I would have, here's the team I was going to use for it. Here's my notes on the team. I apply a slightly modified iterative engineering design process to team building. The reason I included them is because I've always seen the "Team Building...
  20. cim

    Max Avatar Size Change

    So the max avatar size is 100x100 pixels. As everyone who's even remotely cool has demonstrated, though, a 150x150 pixel image can still fit in the post bit without stretching it. So shouldn't the max avatar size be 150x150, or is there a reason to keep it smaller?