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  1. NiiTro

    ORAS OU Luxray isn't Lion!

    And I was like yooooo, I should use Luxray in OU. It sounds crazy, but with the right support, this thing is beastly! Let's take a look: Teambuilding Process - Pretty much my main mon! Of course, lol. Espeon offers great support for not only Luxray, but the whole team. It blocks statuses and...
  2. NiiTro

    ORAS UU Standard UU Team

    ~~Skin and Bones - A Standard UU Team~~ Teambuilding Process - I wanted to make a team around Doublade, because of its sheer power and viability in the meta. I needed a special defensive mon with already good physical defense. I decided to choose Reuniclus, as it is powerful and can take...
  3. NiiTro

    Competitive Tutoring Article!

    I don't think this has been done before. So, here we go! "The PS! community is great! We have our good users, bad users, spammers, trolls, informative users, an excellent staff team but most importantly, a battling simulator! On PS! users are able to battle it out in competitive battling...