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  1. Nezloe

    SS OU Double Shark Double Bark! Choice Band Sharkpedo team.

    :sharpedo: Wassup smogon I'm back with:garchomp: another RMT that I've also been delaying because why not:blobshrug:,anyway since ive been slowly drafting away from OU I needed some team ideas to keep myself engaged and interested,so I went ahead and asked Pinkacross for a team idea and...
  2. Nezloe

    SS OU DYNAMITE, Zarude + pult core.

    :zarude: DYNAMITE :dragapult: Hello smogon users,today I'm back with my 2nd rmt and as you can see by the name it is inspired by BTS song known as DYNAMITE Now before i speak about the team i am NOT a bts fan,this song is just too catchy so I had to make a team with this song, enjoy me...
  3. Nezloe

    SS OU Nintales Magic,a procrasinated hail team.

    NINETALES MAGIC! Hello smogon users I am here to present to you a team ive been procasinatig and now is finally complete. So when making this team i had the idea maybe can stop using other weather teams like rain and sun or as some would call them "brainless strats",I have made...