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  1. Mr.E

    War Story: Mr.E vs BKC WCoP 2019

    Replay: Why? I dunno, I lost and the endgame was a shitstorm of bad luck. But it was a decent game before then and a whole lot of people questioned almost everything I did with Jolteon. I thought it'd be cool or something to go over...
  2. Mr.E

    OU Double-Edge Sucks on Snorlax

    A long time waiting with this post, figured I better get it out of the way before my holiday vacation is over. :[ Just in time to benefit my inferior SPL competition... I would love to have usage stats on Snorlax's STAB option, but alas. Nonetheless, I know lots of people like to use...
  3. Mr.E

    MLB Discussion Thread

    Yeah I can't fucking tell you when the season starts... Like, there's an opening series this weekend or some shit but official Opening Day isn't for another week or something? So, Soon™ I guess. Plus you other guys just had your fantasy draft and shit. Start posting here, nigs.
  4. Mr.E

    MLB 2013 Season Thread

    It's not official because it's not endorsed by MLB, okay? :chaos: Opening Night, yo. Tonight, 8pm. Not like anybody actually wants to watch the Astros, so all eyes on Monday, but hey the season officially starts today. New year, new thread.
  5. Mr.E

    Lance Armstrong is a sucker

    Should've kept your mouth shut. :evan:
  6. Mr.E

    Yo, when did we change RBY tiers?

    <MrE> hey who changed the RBY tiers <MrE> what sneaky mofo put Cloyster in OU and Dodrio in UU... <MrE> and removed BL entirely for that matter <MrE> and jolteon what is this nonsense cloyster isn't better than dodrio or jolteon :chaos: and wrap still sux dragonite isn't good hip sorry mang
  7. Mr.E

    Help Mr.E purchase a new computer!

    Mr.E is considering purchasing a new computer. Graphical bugs and shit with League of Legends is pushing me to get one sooner rather than later (i.e. income tax returnage). I'm guessing maybe my graphics cards is dying on me or something but this bitch is like five years old anyway: Windows XP...
  8. Mr.E

    Improving the Suspect Process

    by popular demand topic: discussing moron voters in #dreamworld <MrE> I already made a good suggestion yesterday <MrE> just bar anyone from voting who voted to ban BP/LI <MrE> I should go post that in Suggestion Box <Theorymon> MrE that already sounds better than half the suggestions...
  9. Mr.E

    Free Garchomp!: An Essay Supporting Garchomp's Re-entry into OU

    Inspired by the great (read: gay) Colin, I decided I was tired of arguing against the same inane crap over and over again. Thus, this post is born. ITT I place my definitive argument regarding Garchomp’s Suspect status, attempting to show the masses why Garchomp belongs in OU. Then, I’m going to...
  10. Mr.E

    New Pokédex Category

    Simple suggestion: You know how the Pokédex pages can be sorted. Alphabetical or reverse-alphabetical by Name, Tier, Ability, low-high or high-low for each individual base stat. (HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe.) Could we add a seventh stat column for "Total" base stats to sort by?