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  1. The Funky Stunky

    General Introduce yourself!

    Hi... I've been a lurker for a long time. Just recently got into battling again and am fresh out of high school. Would be cool to make some new friends. Shoot me a message. I have a ps4, just beat Alpha Sapphire, and like to play League of Legends. :)
  2. The Funky Stunky

    Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    Outrage was used on me four times consecutively without the opposing Haxorus getting confused after the third attack.
  3. The Funky Stunky

    why hello

    why hello
  4. The Funky Stunky

    The Smogon Frontier [Won by Bloo]

    • Pokemon Online Username: The Funky Stunky • Age: 15 • Gender: Male • Location: Pennsylvania, USA • Time Zone: Eastern • Favorite Pokemon: Stunky
  5. The Funky Stunky


  6. The Funky Stunky

    Yo, Mast. It's PK. Click dat shit. Now.

    Yo, Mast. It's PK. Click dat shit. Now.
  7. The Funky Stunky

    How did you create your username?

    I wanted to make a clever rhyme for my name. All of a sudden, my older sister barges in the room and says "WHY DOES THE BATHROOM SMELL SO FUNKY?! ITS STANKS!" I of course, was laughing my ass off, and told her I had too many beans for dinner. (Though I didn't even have beans ;)) Anywho, it...
  8. The Funky Stunky

    Did you know that I am, IN FACT...

    ...The Funky Stunky? Oh, never heard of me? Good, because you shouldn't have. This is an OU team I've been using for a long time and has gotten me lots of wins. Normally when I have a succesful team for a long time, I get bored and try to make something else. Unfortunately, I've been in a...
  9. The Funky Stunky

    What was the worst damage inflicted upon any of your games, by yourself or anyone?

    I stepped on my pokemon colloseum disc. ;_; I bought a new one, of course.
  10. The Funky Stunky

    My first - that's right - FIRST - Competetive Team

    Hey, all. I've recently finished a MixTier standard team of mine, ( That's also my FIRST Competetive battling team. ) and I want to see what y'all think. Please, try to be helpful. No comments like... : "Z0mg wtf nub lulz0rcakes specs salamanence ownz LOl Garchump fur OU ageen l0l d41ry...
  11. The Funky Stunky

    Guitar Hero General Discussion

    I'm amazing. I have all 3 GH's, but I don't have live for my GH3. :( I'm getting Live tomorrow. ( WOOT: FC'D SLIPKNOT ON GH3! I PWN! )
  12. The Funky Stunky

    live or die

    I'd rather die tomorrow. I hates florida. Stupid hurricanes and 109 degree weather...
  13. The Funky Stunky

    So parafusion is really looked down upon, huh?

    Meh. People have just bad sportsmanship. Use whatever moveset you want. I didn't say anything when I was playing against a Lanturn with T-Wave, Confuse Ray, and Attract. Well, maybe I cursed, a little... or a lot... but still. You have the right to use whatever legal moveset you want.
  14. The Funky Stunky

    What I want to do before I die

    #1: Visit the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world. #2: Get married, have a few kids. #3: Lie down in bed. Yeah...
  15. The Funky Stunky

    Smogon: Why you came here and why you stayed

    What got me into Pokemon: About 9 years ago, when I was a wee toddler, I was at my older sister's Basketball game, and saw these other kids ( probably about 9 ) playing with cards. I looked from afar, and got interested. They were messing around with cards with weird creatures on them. My...