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  1. Shrug


    the recently regenerated smogoff / firebot sequel has been populated in its early days by many tier ranking threads. as a collection of mostly 16-25 yo mostly men who mostly are lazy degenerates, it seemed inevitable that we would have one rating and organizing what we all have in common: fast...
  2. Shrug

    year end lists

    post em
  3. Shrug

    SM LC Blue Chips

    Hey y'all, it's Shrug. Thanks to an improbable series of events, I have a trophy now, which is pretty cool. I'm a dumbass sentimental traditionalist, at least in matters of minimal import, so I decided to type up an RMT as a formal farewell to snake and the metagame we're about to depart. This...
  4. Shrug

    Tournament King of the Hill

    king of the hill... it's back baby. two people fight and one person is king of the hill. he gets to choose his metas that the challenger (chosen by the community) gets to fight him in, bo3 or bo5. first matchup will be bo5 dpp / bw / oras / sm / 1 mutually agreed on lc meta. 3 day nomination...
  5. Shrug

    U.S Pulling Out of Climate Accords

    just shoot me in the fucking head
  6. Shrug

    Tournament Extremely Good Little Cup Forum Little Cup Tour (Won by PD)

    Approved by quotecs, please dont send the guns and the tanks after me just setting the mood Hey everyone, there's been a sort of a LC-competition void recently for various reasons, so Quote and I thought it would be cool to have a tournament as a farewell of sorts to a pretty good metagame...
  7. Shrug

    BW OU Genesect Minitour

    approved by Bedschibaer Intro: This is a standard BW OU minitour with the coolest and best mon, Genesect, allowed in the current metagame. Rules: - Matches will be best-of-one - Pokemon Showdown! is the simulator (select Gen 5 Ubers and dont use anything banned besides Genesect) - Standard...
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    I'm pretty sure this thread is explained by the title, but here goes: talk about em, which do you recommend, why you like the ones you do, etc. Maybe try for a couple sentences about whats good / bad about a book instead of "i read [blank]"? idk. Personally, I just read No Country for Old Men...
  9. Shrug

    Resource LC Championships Replay Thread

    I figured it would be cool to have a place to compile the replays from the lc championship tour, given it's a relatively big lc event and all. Here you can browse replays from each round, picked from the tour thread, sans win / loss context (to preserve the suspence o_0). Round 1 Replays...
  10. Shrug

    Resource LC Team Swap

    approved by Mambo INTRO The Team Shop thread, while very useful and cool and good, has died down recently. This is understandable - the "employees" are busy both on smogon and in real life, meaning the demand for teams far outstrips the resources to make them. Which, again, is a common fate...
  11. Shrug

    Collegiate / HS / International Wrestling

    Hi everyone, as some of you may know (and most of you do not) I wrestle irl and am pretty involved with it. This thread is just to talk about wrestling and anything related - personal stories, favorite college teams, Olympics / worlds talk, etc. If you talk about cutting weight dont talk about...
  12. Shrug

    LC Live Suspect Tour #4 - Goth and Diglett Forbidden - Won by dcae

    Post "in" to participate! Send a PM to "Shrug" on smogtours when you win your match, losers need not PM as it could cause confusion. This is a suspect tour to determine what the metagame would be like without Gothita and Diglett. The winner of this Live Suspect tour will be granted reqs, and...
  13. Shrug

    Project King of the (Little) Hill

    approved by resurrected mod QuoteCS LC King of the Hill In actual life, I play lacrosse. One common drill I do as a faceoff guy is “King of the Hill” - two people face off, and the winner stays to go again vs. someone else. This project is the LC version of that - King of the Little...
  14. Shrug

    Project LC Team Frameworks

    approved by macle credit to idea goes to DOU and Stratos Any good team in any metagame is created with a singular goal: to win. More specifically, teams are built to win through the use of a specific strategy, whether that be Sun Offense with Bellsprout, Hazards HO with a lategame Carvanha...
  15. Shrug

    Approved LC Water-Type Article

    Idk if i'm doing this right The premise of the article would be describing the niches of the six little cup fighting-types considered viable in the tier, listed as follows: Mienfoo, Timburr, Croagunk, Pancham, Scraggy, Riolu. The description of each pokemon would include sections on the use of...
  16. Shrug

    Coming Out (about mons)

    This is not a thread about telling your parents you're gay, which is cool, but not what I'm going to get into. How do you explain to your girlfriend that despite the fact that her parents are gone at 2pm on a Saturday you cannot come over because she has a vagina 365 days a year and Heist vs...
  17. Shrug

    Project The Dark Horse Project Redux

    approved by Macle OP stolen from Ashley11 who hosted the previous one art ripped from every DHP ever Hey LC, the Dark Horse Project is back with a vengeance and coming for the ladder. The rules are simple: pick two unappreciated mons to build around, create a lordsquad with them and ravage the...
  18. Shrug

    Serious Indiana RFRA

    I'm not likely to be discriminated against because of this law, so I might be the wrong person to be aggrieved, but this shit is ridiculous. In essence, Indiana contrived (and passed) a law affording corporations, for-profit and otherwise, the right to claim religious freedom against...
  19. Shrug

    Resource LC UU Sample Teams

    approved by new mod / longtime bot QuoteCS LC UU Sample Teams This thread is for LC UU teams that function effectively and easily in the current meta. I'll compile effective ones in this post. Please include a brief description of your team - at least a little on the set / purpose of each...
  20. Shrug

    ORAS LC Hive

    I listened to "Hive" as i built the team There have been no lc teams in a month (splc) so i figured i would post one, it seems pretty safe as i wouldnt use this in splc (the day i actually battle in that will never come because my team likes winning) as i've used it a bunch in roomtours or...