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  1. sugarhigh

    Reviewing Brightpowder and Evasion Weather Abilities (in Generation 8)

    I didn't get permission to post this thread or anything but before SPL starts I really want to have a discussion about why we haven't touched brightpowder or evasion weather abilities this gen. Both the ability and the item are clearly uncompetitive in nature and should fall under evasion clause...
  2. sugarhigh

    THEM SANDS-{._.} (peak #2 on the ladder 2690+)

    THEM SANDS {._.} Hi I'm really bored and I feel like posting this team I used for mindless laddering lol. Basically the premise of the team is to keep momentum up until you have the ability to reliably sweep with either of three pokes, mega-scizor, keldeo, or excadrill. *Warning* really...
  3. sugarhigh


    I GOT SAND IN MY BUSH! Hi people my name is sugarhigh and I made this team from a suggestion from my good friend ben gay. With the coming of X and Y i might as well show this team to you guys. Basically the premise of this team was to create a team around Scarf Tyranitar with a bunch of hazard...