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  1. Durant

    For the greats

    Rest in peace Barry Ryan, brought one of the best vocal performances of the 1960s with Eloise.
  2. Durant

    Ideas You Had

    They’re not gay
  3. Durant

    Microwaving water

    Don’t you people just have a water cooker?
  4. Durant

    that one internet friend you played fifa 14 with on xbox and formed a tight bond with but then disappeared out of nowhere

    I used to have an online friend on an mmorpg I used to play around 2014-2015 (Flyff for those interested). Frequently chatted with him for a few months when he one day got an adorable husky puppy. When we were playing one day he said that his husky just slipped through a crack in his garden...
  5. Durant

    The Bathhouse (21+ ONLY)

    Sorry guys, I accidently pooped in the hot tub:psycry:
  6. Durant

    here I am waitijg for my dominos

    They do look good tbh
  7. Durant

    here I am waitijg for my dominos

    I hate some of my neighbours
  8. Durant

    you only post twice

    Very interesting concept for a thread
  9. Durant

    joke formats to retire in 2021

    X was invented in random year X before random year:
  10. Durant

    Post your searing hot takes

    They don’t cause epilepsy either.
  11. Durant

    Post your searing hot takes

    Night clubs don't cause epilipsy you doofus
  12. Durant

    The thread where I label your smogoff persona

    Could you please label me? With the limited amount of information available
  13. Durant

    Ideas You Had

  14. Durant

    Ideas You Had

    Making a post to celebrate my 1000th post on this forum
  15. Durant

    We Live In a

    I went to mcdonalds in Germany and they still had chicken tendie wraps there ….. why are they still available in Germany but not elsewhere:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  16. Durant

    what are you hiding?

    A saucerful of secrets
  17. Durant

    itt post a song and i will rate it

  18. Durant

    little known forum tips + fun facts

    Who is that
  19. Durant

    name this chapter of your life

    Chapter 4