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  1. KSG

    Metagame SCL I LC Discussion

    LilyAC vs Laroxyl Boulicrok vs Wail Wailord daunt vs vs kythr dcae vs teal6 KSG vs Toadow
  2. KSG

    Metagame SCL I LC Discussion

    If no one else got me, at least I got me... LilyAC vs dcae KSG vs daunt vs Toadow vs Boulicrok teal6 vs Laroxyl kythr vs Wail Wailord
  3. KSG

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    Cutiefly is still pretty menacing with Quiver Dance alone; this set was probably what most pushed it over the edge when we banned it before. There's a chance that Cutie could be right on the verge of healthy (and its presence would probably balance Scraggy too) but I'm skeptical that the meta...
  4. KSG

    that's right

    that's right
  5. KSG

    Metagame SCL I LC Discussion

  6. KSG

    Smogon Champions League I - Player Signups [Auction Aug 28, 6:15pm GMT-4]

    Player Name: KSG Tiers Played: SS LC Timezone: GMT+2
  7. KSG

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    I'm going to talk about two of the top threats in the meta now that LCPL is nearly complete and what may or may not require tiering action. :Dewpider: Sticky Web This is, without a doubt, the most absurd webs meta I have ever seen as a player. While webs may not be as explicitly strong as they...
  8. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Semifinals

    won gg, thanks to serene for accommodating the time changes, let's finish the job phanpies
  9. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 6

    :oshawott:Ohayo Oshawotts (4) vs (4) Activity Call Archens:archen: SS: Mikaav vs tazz - unfortunately, the Archens (and tazz) seem to have broken the curse. we will miss the curse SS: Jox vs boulicrok - big bounceback week incoming for le crok as long he preps for croagunk webs SS: Gray vs TDW...
  10. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 5

    won vs le crok, let's get this comeback, boys
  11. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 5

    how's everybody feeling about the new metagame? I think Grookey might be better now that Vullaby is banned :)
  12. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 5

    :swablu:BabyBoySwablus (2) vs (6) Skitty Committee:skitty: SS: DC vs dcae - if dcae loses this, he's gonna be campaigning for a Vull unban for real SS: ez vs LilyAC - i trust lily's building for the new meta SS: Ninjadog vs Simbo - sneaky cool matchup. simbo could get the upset given that ninja...
  13. KSG

    SWSH Suspect Process - Vullaby ReSuspect Voting

    Vullaby: Ban
  14. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 4

    i hear the people calling my name.... :shellos:Shambled Shellos (4) vs (4) Activity Call Archens:archen: SS: Laroxyl vs tazz - do i believe in curses? absolutely. tazz may never win again SS: BurntZebra vs King Leo V - zebra has been mr. reliable as of late SS: CMDoge vs boulicrok - le crok is...
  15. KSG

    Tournament LCPL X - Week 3

    won, gg
  16. KSG

    if i'm not busy today i can play your afternoon today, if not then are you free tomorrow...

    if i'm not busy today i can play your afternoon today, if not then are you free tomorrow afternoon (yours)
  17. KSG

    Announcement Vullaby Re-Suspect Alt Identification Thread

    don't look at the number of games, don't even think about it