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  1. Aehzo

    Monotype Shelter! A Dual Regenerator Bulky Water Offense!

    Ah, alright. You probably seen my other RMT on a Cro-Latias Psychic. So I'll keep it brief. I'm just a humble team builder with lots and lots of time. This will probably by my last RMT before 7th Gen, and maybe over all. So call me Rae, and on wards we go! Love Disk (Alomomola) @...
  2. Aehzo

    Monotype We are one - A Cro-Latias-Mega Psychic Team

    H-hey there! I'm Rae, as you might know me by Aehzo, Wryght, or Zgx. I'm a player who had a humble start in a side server named Origin. Thanks to Phoenix Kaze, and Alliance Avenger. I learned the meta, and what it had to offer. I'm glad I payed attention, because this community has some really...