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  1. robofiend

    SM OU Power Overload

    So here's my newest team. I've been testing it for the last couple days and I really like the dynamics, but I'd like some input from the community on how it looks. A couple things I'm particularly interested in: - Double Z move worth it or not? - Should I maybe drop Draco Meteor for...
  2. robofiend

    SM OU Kartana Spam

    I decided to get back into Pokemon since I couldn't stand playing ORAS. As such, I made a fairly cookie-cutter team (mostly highly viable Pokemon that are everywhere) - I've been having a lot of fun playing it. The general idea for the team is to weaken top threats to the point that Kartana can...
  3. robofiend

    ORAS UU RMT UU - Fairy Sharknado

    I had this idea for a team from the UU cores thread, and threw together some pretty standard pokes. I'm a little weirded out by the final product: everything except Slurpuff is some shade of purple or blue. It also seems odd to carry 2 ghosts, 2 dark types and one psychic type with no bulky...