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    Stupid Misconceptions I had in my life (feel free to share yours too!)

    i used to think "?" was only used at the end of a question.
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    Serious Thanksgiving Turkey PSA

    my family refuses to cook thanksgiving dinner nowadays. they've gone cold turkey.
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    tear list

    tear list? ok... here's a torn list.
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    [Total Clefairy’s Total Hilarity] tier list thread

    Q: how many wolves would a werewolf wear if a werewolf could wear wolves? discuss below! A: about 7 B: wolves C: D: E: F: i've done this joke before
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    healthy-ish frozen treats

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    Make A Toast

    i don't like toast.
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    you're a poster on the floor of the new york post exchange

    i am a stock. invest your likes into this post.
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    not a fan of cosplay. viva la vida's alright but I can't say I enjoy anything else they've done.
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    really sick games that nobody knows about
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    Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021

    counter argument:
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    You’ll NEVER Believe These Weird Facts About Pokemon

    pokemon facts pokemon fact 1 the name pokemon is actually french. it translates to "pokemon". pokemon fact 2 normal type pokemon have meat that can be eaten without consequences, other than the hallucinogenic side effects you must be suffering if you manage to eat a pokemon. pokemon fact 3...
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    Simple Questions with Stupid Answers OR Vice Versa

    better question what exactly is foo?
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    [Total Clefairy’s Total Hilarity] numero quatre: what question is martin going to ask in the well given that gato stole the ghost one?

    You're gonna be so mad when you realise TC wrote the question bit in English.
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    Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021

    I think it might be evidence.
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    Snake Pit RP

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    Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021

    Tough luck, there is no Kanye West now... as in, he changed his name... not he died.
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    The Well #72 - SuperEpicAmpharos

    why is your pfp empoleon?
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    [Total Clefairy’s Total Hilarity] TCS SPOOKY QUS: #3 - woudl a glue factory accept a centaur??

    this is exactly what happened with the Tesco's horse meat scandal.
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    Are you a Pi Male?

    i'm irrational.
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    Candy Store

    Come on Gabo! At least finish the "candys nuts fit in yo mouth" joke.