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  1. Haaku.

    Quality Control Terrakion (Fighting) QC: [0/3]

    just an AM check, so add what you agree with! [OVERVIEW] Fighting ======== * Terrakion is a great revenge killer for fighting as its great 108 Speed tier allows it to outspeed threats such as Mega Pinsir, Blacephelon, and Nihilego. * With a respectable 129 Attack Stat and two powerful STAB...
  2. Haaku.

    Copyediting Tapu Bulu (Grass) [GP 0/2]

    Thanks ready for GP!
  3. Haaku.

    Quality Control Celesteela (Flying) [QC 1/3]

    Implemented, ready for second check!
  4. Haaku.

    Hello esteemed user dhaarma

    Hello esteemed user dhaarma
  5. Haaku.

    Quality Control Celesteela (Flying) [QC 1/3]

  6. Haaku.

    Resource Monotype USM Viability Rankings

    As a longtime user of Fighting, I'm going to give my own thoughts on these nominations. I strongly disagree with this. If Pangoro, a significantly better Dark/Fighting counterpart, struggles to compete with the D-ranked Pokemon on Fighting, then Scrafty certainly deserves no place in the VR...
  7. Haaku.

    Quality Control Celesteela (Flying) [QC 1/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Flying ======== * Celesteela is a great special wall on Flying teams by virtue of its incredible typing, good all-around bulk, and offensive presence. * The Steel typing introduces many key resistances and neutralities for Flying teams such as Psychic and Dragon and allows...
  8. Haaku.

    Copyediting Tapu Bulu (Grass) [GP 0/2]

    Thanks, written up and ready for 3rd check!
  9. Haaku.

    Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Monotype Analyses: Reservation Index

    Bulu writeup done, can I take Celesteela (Flying) Vid - Sure
  10. Haaku.

    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    ZU, Scalemons, Tier Shift, Godly Gift
  11. Haaku.

    Monotype Stakataka (Steel)

    Ready for upload!
  12. Haaku.

    Monotype Alolan Muk (Poison)

    Ready for upload!
  13. Haaku.

    Monotype Alolan Muk (Poison)

    Implemented, thanks!
  14. Haaku.

    Monotype Stakataka (Steel)

    Implemented, thank you!
  15. Haaku.

    NUPL VI: Player Sign-ups

    Player Name: Haaku Tiers Played: USUM NU Timezone: GMT -4 Availability: all day
  16. Haaku.

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    For Monotype, Alolan Muk (Poison) and Stakataka (Steel) are both ready for GP!
  17. Haaku.

    grats!! :D

    grats!! :D
  18. Haaku.

    Monotype Fighting Mono Team Help?

    Hello! Cool team; I’m also quite the fan of Fighting-types and I have quite a few suggestions for the team. Bear with me since this is my first rate! —> Mega Heracross is a pretty cool option. However, it fails as a reliable answer against Psychic-type teams and is outclassed in this role by...
  19. Haaku.

    Copyediting Tapu Bulu (Grass) [GP 0/2]

    implemented most of the check thanks!