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  1. chio

    Other Tiers Nintendo Cup 2000 Viability Rankings

    This is a thread for making the Viability Ranking for Nintendo Cup 2000(NC2000, PokeCup). Purpose I had been making the NC2000 Viability Ranking(the content is as below), but I hope that Viability Ranking will be updated by everyone at Smogon Forums...
  2. chio

    OU Introducing the Wiki System at the Japanese NC2000 and planning to deploy the Wiki System to the International GSCOU

    At the Japanese Nintendo Cup 2000 (NC2000), I deployed the Wiki System in 2018, which enabled to systematize past literature and lay the foundation for future development. I want to deploy the Wiki System to GSCOU as well. (This will be done at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022) In this...
  3. chio

    Development for the strategy through programming

    Hello. I am a Japanese Nintendo Cup 2000(NC2000) specialist. And I know the basics about the international Gen2OU. Strategy of Pokemon can be developed by programming. You know that the Damage Calculator is developing the strategy. (This is being developed in the same way both in Japan and...
  4. chio

    Other Tiers Differences between Gen2 Poké-Cup and Gen2 OU strategies

    Hello. I'm chio who belongs to the Japanese Gen2 community. I have been studying Gen2 Poké-Cup(Nintendo Cup 2000) for almost 20 years, and I usually play at Japanese online simulator. The people of Smogon are kind to me, so I would like to provide an article as well. Introduction A few days ago...