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  1. Thepatatedouce

    Tournaments GSC PL II - Player Signups

    Username: ThePatateDouce Timezone: gmt +1 Tiers played: OU , could play uber too Activity issues: none
  2. Thepatatedouce

    Gen 2 Make it work with double rock! (gen 2 OU offense)

    I've been playing gsc for 8 months now , and this tier is really cool! I wanted to show you guys a cool team which i think is pretty good. A dual Rocks spikes offense with an all out attacker tyranitar set , I am of course aware that this 6 has already been played (not with exact sets) but I...
  3. Thepatatedouce

    Tournaments RBY PL II: Player Signups [Auction Saturday 10/2 3PM GMT-4]

    Name: ThePatateDouce Timezone: Gmt+2 Tiers Played: all
  4. Thepatatedouce

    Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Signups

    In Nation : France ; GMT+2 Tiers played : GSC OU ; GSC Ubers ; GSC UU ; RBY OU
  5. Thepatatedouce

    GSC Cup VII - Round 1

    scheduled , we play friday
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  7. Thepatatedouce

    GSC Cup VII - Signups

  8. Thepatatedouce

    I forgot I had exam I give you win

    I forgot I had exam I give you win
  9. Thepatatedouce

    BW Cup VII - Signups

  10. Thepatatedouce

    Oh sry for being late when are you avaible? I'm GTM+2

    Oh sry for being late when are you avaible? I'm GTM+2
  11. Thepatatedouce

    Tournament CAPPL VII - Signups

    Name: Thepatatedouce Tiers Played/Interested In: all of them Non-Player Roles: telling nalorium" you are bald" Foreseeable Inactivity:none
  12. Thepatatedouce

    Multi-gen Retro Cup of Pokemon 2021: Signups

    Nation: France / europe Tiers played: GSC OU , RBY OU , ADV OU , Inactivity: None Requested Captain: SFG