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  1. Anonymous Threatens Facebook

    It is common sense though that obviously does not contain anything of importance, what it would do (which is what the comic is trying to say) is cause the general masses to get riled up. Whether they even attack at this point is not even important, they have already gotten people...
  2. Anonymous Threatens Facebook

    I meant that two very large companies which provide services to the general masses have been threatened, not that they did both.
  3. Anonymous Threatens Facebook

    Why would they make a threat like that so early on though? Facebook has months to prepare for something like that, not to mention that it is one of the largest websites around. I call a bluff...
  4. Anonymous Threatens Facebook,2817,2390805,00.asp Apparently Anonymous is at it again. This time Facebook is in its sights. I don't really know how to feel about this. On one hand I am rather pissed at them for even threatening to take down my...
  5. Webcomics with captivating storylines?

    I'd give a shot. The art work is amazing on this little gem I found on deviantart. =]
  6. My intended RPG games

    The Infamous series is considered one of the best games on the PS3 right now. I would certainly give those two a shot.
  7. Google+

    I found this pretty neat little article on the differences between facebook and google+.
  8. Google+

    The ability to very easily choose the audience of your posts is what makes it so nice though. With a very simple choice of circles, which facebook does not make so intuitive, you can direct your posts to the people that need to see it. If you have a business on the side, your customer circle can...
  9. Google+

    Very cool, especially if the main reason you didn't want to move over to G+ was because you didn't want to lose all your photos. Very very neat, and probably not good news for facebook...
  10. Google+

    Google+ isn't a simple replacement, or even identical as you put it. Yes, it serves the same purpose of social networking. At the same time it brings along with it a wonderful and clean interface, quite a few neat features, and access to all my other Google products such as mail, calender, docs...
  11. Google+

    You really can't expect for facebook to be around forever. Myspace used to be what Facebook is to us today. Suddenly a new guy appears with all the things that Myspace used to have, and even more perks. Myspace is now a ghost town. I think that g+ is to Facebook as Facebook was to Myspace.
  12. RitterCat's iPhone art

    Hey Rittercat, it's been a while! Good stuff going on here. You've improved quite a bit since I last checked! Keep it up =]
  13. SEO-ART v2.0

    Back again, this time with a request done for a close friend of mine. She requested that I paint her Harley Quinn. Again, done in black and white. Also TsukasaSIGN, thanks!
  14. nj art

    For painting and things like that you don't particularly need anything fancy. I have CS5 and all I really use is the paint tool, the erase tool, the eye dropper, and other simple stuff like the paint bucket. There isn't much else you need to make something cool like this, maybe just...
  15. MM's Monsters

    I really like the the monster that you are using as an avatar. It is very well done, particularly the fire (which can be quite hard to make right!)
  16. Comics, anyone?

    That's good, because those are by far my favorites of all time...Like literally those three...
  17. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    I was just looking around the forum and stumbled upon this thread. Although I don't play myself, I was intrigued as to what people have done with this. I looked through the thread beforehand to try and make sure no one had posted this, so hopefully that's the case...
  18. SEO-ART v2.0

    There are so many active art threads now, it's so hard to stay one the first page! Anyways, I was messing around today and made something pretty cool I didn't feel like refining it any more today, but I think I will work on it some more later on. Either way, I really liked working on this one...
  19. SEO-ART v2.0

    First of all, thank you. I was trying to capture the moment in Street Fighter 4 where Ryu is performing his Metsu Hadouken, so naturally I tried using the game itself as the reference. The problem is that, during that sequence, his muscles themselves look rather odd. I'm not sure why that is to...
  20. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, what do you use??

    I've been using google chrome for a pretty long while, and I have to say that I will probably never use another browser. It has everything I need, convenient bookmarking and tabs, plenty of extensions, fast, and of course simple to use.