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  1. Fylkir Pudin

    Monotype Copperajah 2: The Reckoning

    You dickheads thought I was finished with Copperajah didn't you, frankly you could not be more wrong, the Copperajah train keeps on rolling. I'm back with a better, stronger, more broken team than before and I am glad to present it to you. Lets get right into the teambuilding: :Copperajah...
  2. Fylkir Pudin

    Monotype Mantine Rain

    Hey fuckers, betcha didn't think I'd be back so soon with another sick RMT did you? This time of course, we are playing rain, Mantine rain to be specific. And you might be thinking to yourself "Ok but like I've seen thousands of rain teams on the ladder Fylkir, what makes yours special?" And...
  3. Fylkir Pudin

    Monotype Copperajah and the boys - Steel

    So my favourite new mon from gen 8 is Copperajah, and I thought it would be a great idea to build a team around it. Steel in general is pretty good right now and has ways to deal with most types in the meta So the teambuilding process: :copperajah: Can't make a Copperajah team without...
  4. Fylkir Pudin

    Monotype The best god damn bug team you've ever seen

    Righto fuckers, welcome to the single greatest monotype team to ever grace the gen 7 ladder. So I had the inspiration the other day for a bug stall team, and you might be thinking to yourself that that is the worst idea you've ever heard. Of course you would be entirely correct. However, I...